You’ll have to ask the Tao

Over the next week or two I have to give two talks at two symposiums of thought on the subject of truth – what is it, can we know it, what would be gained if we did and so on.

I’m thinking about it from the Taoist perspective naturally – this template is so handy because once you get it you can slot any issue into its groove and it provides clarity.

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2 Responses to “You’ll have to ask the Tao

  • Ian Weir
    2 years ago

    Dear Barefoot, I always thought that soap operas were rather predicable and always expressed extreme situations just to keep you viewing. Usually someone being selfish and uncaring only for them to suffer some awful recompense at the hands of one if their victims.
    Soap Operas reflect situations where a lack of balance creates a tragic/exciting/soul searching opportunity for the participants to address the issue, but usually in a way that guarantees the biggest viewing audience. Well suddenly last week I found myself living in a country where all of the news is a soap opera with probably the largest viewing audience ever and with external observers saying “how could they let it happen” – Yes I’m talking about Brexit and the interesting aftermath which continues to play out.
    Well being a Barefoot Warrior I listened to my inner voice (the Tao) and whilst my head was busy arguing between – staying in Europe is best for our Country and that we needed to change it from inside versus they don’t get that people want the EU to be more democratic, accountable and much more flexible my Inner Voice finally said they need you to say NO otherwise they won’t get the message.
    It was a bit scary as I was originally going to say Remain.
    In the end the British people said the same and whilst its really scary on the surface I now trust that the Tao knows what its doing. My feeling is that the British are issuing a wake up call to the world and that its all to do with balance being restored.

    • Hi Ian, bless you sir – yes I’m sure it must be so – however from a pragmatic perspective my surmise is we don’t presently have the luxury of strategic thinking based on ideals because the global economy is so delicately balanced and on the downward tilt, and the geopolitical game going on between NATO and Russia/China developing a pace in the wrong direction in the background, aside from the much more important background reality of an ecological imbalance growing exponentially which is likely to have most of the world’s people and activity under the sea before long anyway unless we start building rafts very soon, hence the need to think tactically instead, as in short term – and though the EU like all other institutions is riddled with faults and is in need of a major overhaul it could have been more sensible to wait a couple of years for things to stabilize a bit more and then discuss it sensibly, wit a proper exit plan in place and do so graciously rather than like bad sports.

      And by sensibly I mean rather than people responding ADHD style to propaganda slogans, most of them based on tautologies, they be required to pass a small test proving they can do simple sums like adding two and two, and prove they can spot the difference between logic and lies enough to pass for the right to vote on such an issue with such huge national and global implications, and that they understand the difference between reacting through fear of foreign people and fear of overcrowding and responding from wisdom and the innate desire to take care of each other no matter whence we hail. This would have been less disruptive and probably hence more productive for everyone, would have precluded the economic jerk or possibly major earthquake we’ll likely feel in quarter four of this year once the effect is felt of all the huge contracts having just been pulled by American and other foreign companies upon whom we depended for business and the relocation of banking and other institutional headquarters to Dublin from London leaves the City limping and so on, and we’d possibly have not fueled and mandated the present spike in xenophobic racist hostility that exposes a growing and potentially dangerous polarity in British society. So yes while I totally agree it sends a message to the world heralding change it’s more a message of instability and anarchic potential which has already and will continue to shake things up, not least because the government and civil service themselves are in shock and disarray though putting a brave face on it, and don’t really have a clue how to manage the crisis yet, which has lost Britain its place as a nation to respect in the geopolitical sense rather than gained it respect.

      But yes as you say this is the Tao operating through us – and not dissimilarly to how it operated before many of the geopolitical/sociopolitical catastrophes of history, and the projected outcome is shaky at best, hence my urgency in promoting ways to engender greater inner peace and wisdom flow which then naturally extends to affecting everyone around the individual for the better, because I know no other way to antidote the destructive nature of humanity when frustrated than to spread the love in any way that lies to hand.

      The motivation in other words was not a valiant cry for justice deriving from the finer human qualities but the result of a concerted cynical manipulation using simple repetitive slogans in an hypnotic way by opportunistic politicians looking for something to jump on to further their personal careers without having thought through the consequences and who it turns out in fact never believed they’d actually win to the extent they didn’t have their victory speeches ready, only their defeat speeches.

      So all in all I’d say it was people being duped by knaves and stirred into making an ill-informed decision that was for them based more on taking a pop at the establishment than anything practical or helpful and which will be seen in hindsight clearly as a once respected nation shooting itself in the foot. But I could be and would be delighted to be completely wrong and this whole thing cause no disruption and be the the ticket to earthly paradise, in which case I’ll be glad to declare myself totally misguided and eat my own shoes.

      Meantime let’s enjoy the firework display and celebrate every moment of being alive as that’s the real gift and we mustn’t squander a moment of it lost in the external effects of the world of the ten thousand things and in doing so forget the miracle of being. But I hope I’ve conveyed this is merely a personal view and am delighted to keep discussing it as I find the human condition in the socio-anthropological/zoological context utterly riveting as a topic, so do feel welcome to reply with a different view dear Ian, and I really appreciate you making the comment.

      Love, Doc

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