Yin and Yang unite with a bang

The desperation to be in love stems originally from the craving of the soul to unite with itself. The soul, according to Carl Jung, himself heavily influenced by Taoism, is comprised of an anima and animus, corresponding to the yin and yang of Taoist philosophy. When these two are united, there is no despair. When they are divided and one or the other split off from the psyche, there is despair, whence derives desperation for external succour.

Jung’s work focused intensely on the reconciling and harmonisation of the anima and animus via psychoanalysis. The Taoist method, by which he also held great store, is via a process of internal alchemy, wherein the yin and yang are conjoined in sacred union within by practicing a series of visualisation and chi-guiding manoeuvres.

By gradually training the two internal forces to unite as one, the desperation for being in love lessens, as the split-off aspect is progressively reintegrated.

The Taoists see it as an internal wedding.

Paradoxically, when the two are in harmony within causing desperation levels to drop, the resulting harmonisation of the practitioner’s energy field is likely to attract someone compatible with whom to be in love. The more inner harmony, the more compatibility there’ll be in the outer union.

So as with manifesting all things, the process occurs primarily within.

The study of Taoist internal alchemy is a lifetime’s work – certainly the work of my own lifetime – and is beyond the scope of this wee window, though I would refer you to RETURN OF THE URBAN WARRIOR by me, for a fairly full exposition. However when you strip it all down to the nub, it consists in tuning into the flow of yang chi streaming up a meridian located along the rear of the spinal column and the flow of yin chi streaming down a meridian located along the front of the spinal column, allowing the breath to fall into line with it, so that you’re breathing in as the chi ascends along the rear channel and breathing out as it descends through the front channel. As the chi rises up the rear, fill your awareness with the male aspect of your soul. When the chi drops down the front, fill your awareness with the female aspect of your soul.

The rational mind won’t understand this much and that’s irrelevant anyway. So don’t expect intellectual satisfaction from the practice. It’s a feeling thing. Feel the anima and feel the animus, as the chi goes up and down respectively. And when you’ve followed the loop through a few times, feel the two embrace within, around your spine, like two dancers entwined around a maypole. If repeated on some kind of regular basis for a few months, you’ll notice your need to have the inner void filled by the love of another, will reduce because you’re filling it more from within and the more this happens, the greater the chance of another filling it for you anyway, so you win both ways.

If this sort of information could be taught simply to children at the deepest level, I’m sure it would reduce the incidence of people in later life becoming psychotic and acting out destructively on perceiving themselves to have been jilted.

May your yin and yang unite with a bang and cause the universe to shower you with untold blessings today and tonight.

Love, Doc

5 Responses to “Yin and Yang unite with a bang

  • Agent G*
    5 years ago

    *Yes indeed*, the personal happy confidence that would result from this being taught in schools would raise the confidence & well being of our whole culture in time ~ we are already whole beings, it’s just realising this at the deepest level 🙂 <3

    5 years ago

    It was from the Urban Warrior that I first began ‘cosmic looping’ and have practiced it twice daily for some 18+ months. I believe it works miraculously!! I have also spent a little time each day filling my being first with male chi – bringing it in from the right side. I then bring in female chi, entering from the left side. Each exercise acknowledging their qualities and what they ‘feel’ like to me. Then I sense them mixing and becoming entwined. Mind I rather like the entwining round the spine image like dancers round the maypole – will give that one a go. Thank you Steph for sharing so much with us and making such a positive difference in how we navigate our lives.

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      Honored to do so dear T – and yes the cosmic looping is magic

  • Katie Green
    5 years ago

    Wonderful advice, as ever…Thank You,
    Love & Peace & Unity. KT *****

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      peace, joy and unity to you too dear Kate – good trinity that

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