Winning the game of life before you’ve even started playing it

If you can master the art of transcending preferences to the point that whatever happens or doesn’t is received in grace as a gift from the Tao, simply because it’s a facet of your life and your life is a miracle for which you’re remembering to be eternally grateful, then you’re winning the game of life before you’ve even started playing it.

Furthermore, by loving and embracing whatever happens, whether the agony or the ecstasy, as a gift from the Tao to reaffirm your existence, what’s happening tends to mysteriously transform itself into something far more ostensibly harmonious and enjoyable, by way of reflection.

The Tao is damn clever like that.

It wants you to enjoy what it gives you. As soon as you do, it changes it, in a just-kidding kind of way, to something more overtly enjoyable.

Resist it, on the other hand, block your enjoyment of being alive with self-pity or self-doubt and the Tao compounds it till you finally give in and accept it, one way or the other.

So the quicker you appraise the situation and say sincerely, “I have generated all of this exactly as it is, because this is precisely what it takes to make me feel alive, this moment”, in other words, the quicker you own it and love it, the quicker the Tao takes its bow and moves the situation on.

I wish you instant transformation of events madly more to your liking today.

Love, D

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