Wings/head, you choose

Interesting here at this beautiful spa in the hills near Urbino I’m teaching the retreat at: down by the seminar room there’s a an extraordinary full-scale statue of a female angel complete with angel wings ready to flap but no head, and up the hill a bit outside the wonderful house in which I find myself sequestered, another with a head complete with a very pretty face on it, but no wings. It’s a stylish place this, so no reason to assume it’s anything but intentional, and brings to mind how if you let go of your head, of your rational, analytic mode, and move from your heart, follow the wisdom of your body, you can fly like an angel. Or you can have the head and remain earthbound.

So look, if you will, at whatever challenge you’re facing, at whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish just now, and ask yourself if you could momentarily eschew the rational, analytic approach and instead look at the situation from your heart, from the wisdom of your body, and doing so, if you could imagine flapping those invisible wings of yours and flying right over any obstacles between you and success.

Because if you can imagine it, and agree to it, I wager my shoes you’ll manifest that in real time and swiftly find yourself making unexpected quantum leaps of progress.

Which is precisely what I wish you, spurred on by whatever power this transit of Venus across the sun may have to lend the enterprise.

With love, BD

2 Responses to “Wings/head, you choose

  • yolanda
    6 years ago

    I’ve had a cutting of yours in my art journal for ages – it’s really inspirational, simple, but like all simple things hard to get right – about (i think) experiencing things through your backbone – not judging them to be good or bad but living with them and through them, kind of…Re what you say above: what if you feel your heart is telling you to stay put? Sometimes it feels as if my brain is telling me to get out there and do stuff and all my heart wants to do is stay inside, under the duvet? Am I misreading things? (I am currently in psychotherapy, so am not about to have some sort of major breakdown). I’ve read your articles over the years and you seem to talk real sense; but what/how do I know?

    • Steph, BD
      6 years ago

      Hi Yolande, that’s the yin (static force) dancing with the yang (dynamic force). Ask yourself what your intended outcome is, what it is you’re trying to achieve, the end result, then have a look at what your lower belly is prompting you to do moment to moment – one moment to make a move, the next to stay still – and follow those prompts. The heart stays open so you can feel the joy of existence whether moving or still. By and by, step by step, you’ll find yourself arriving at the desired result as if by magic. In a nutshell.

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