Widen your abundance filters

How good you have it is merely down to how good you can take it. Life wants to impress you. The Tao informing all phenomena including you, all the people in your world and all the situations drummed up between you, is in its very nature, generative, generous: it wants to create abundance of all good things for you. All you have to do is give it the nod, then let go and let it happen.

Be patient, be humble, be gracious, be grateful, be joyful for being alive, and allow the Tao.

Repeat repeatedly with feeling and conviction: I allow the Tao now.

Abundance surprises to you.

Love, D


2 Responses to “Widen your abundance filters

  • Katie Green
    4 months ago

    Thank you dear barefoot! ❤️

  • I am giving life a nod! Grateful for your words! By the way, I met you in London at the Hurst Lodge in Crouch End, lived on the 3rd floor. Cingrats for your wonderful work! Angel blessings to you from Brazilxxxx Joice

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