Wholesome and satisfying

If you’re into the business of transforming your life by getting involved with the art of effortlessly manifesting the reality you want – the Taoist notion of wu wei I talk about here most days – then you have to be willing to experience unsettling sensations at the deeper levels of your psyche, as the very context in which you perceive your reality is exchanged. Transformation of reality is not about content – content shifts as an effect, or as a result, when the context is exchanged.

So for instance if you exchange the dog-eat-dog style human jungle context you’ve been perceiving reality through, for one wherein everything that happens, happens solely as an expression of cosmic love, the content of what you experience from moment to moment will radically shift. No longer is the man slamming his hand on the horn in the traffic an angry buffoon adding to the already overloaded tension levels in the collective air, he’s now a vulnerable baby in an adult body, screaming for love and thereby screaming his love. It becomes a beautiful thing rather than something ugly to be avoided or derided. As soon as you see his presence and action as a beautiful thing, it releases him from the illusion of ugliness he was inviting you to collude in and allows him to be beautiful again.

This beauty will be unfamiliar to you in certain settings and will thus cause you unsettled feelings. So it’s not a bad thing, this unsettling – it derives from beauty, which derives from love and because you’re more attuned to the familiarity of ugliness even though it displeases you, you feel unnerved.

Welcome feeling unnerved and unsettled. It’s a sure sign you’re in the process of manifesting something new, context-wise, that will in turn transform content and bring you a smile or two when you were least expecting.

Choose an aspect of your life you’d like to transform – any aspect will do. Take your work, for example. Rather than looking at changing the situation, look at changing the context as above and realise that everything happening in your work-life is an expression of cosmic love – it’s all the Tao in motion. Having done that switch your internal focus to an image of you a short way along the line, when you’ve overcome whatever hurdles or blocks are presently in your way and are now looking and feeling extremely pleased with yourself and your life, implying all requisite conditions to facilitate that have been achieved.

This naturally applies to any aspect of life you wish to turn your attention to. See yourself there, having manifested the reality you desire and gently go forth in your mind and inhabit the body of that person – feel what it’s like being that person who has transcended current limitations and arrived at a far more wholesome and satisfying place. Then know you are that person and as that person, bring yourself gently back into the here and now, thank the Tao for the cosmic love informing what you’re about to receive, carry on as you were and it could turn out to be a wonderful weekend, not to mention lifetime, ahead.

Let it be so.

Love, Steph the D

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