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  • Suzanne
    5 years ago

    I have not listened to the healing video or webinar yet but the audio healing pod was truly womb like with inner gurglings and blurps. It is a wonderfully safe and nourishing place to be.
    I look forward to delving a little more into some of the others.

  • This is great. Thank you. How long would you say it’s best to do each exercise for? Is the time period in the video enough or would you recommend going away and doing it for longer? Samy x

  • Hi Stephen

    I loved this explanatory video. I love listening to you and reading your books. The explanation here is straight-forward and easy to understand. Its delivered in a refreshingly natural and simple way. I have been doing your other exercise (for confidence building, etc) for about 3 months now and have had great results. So good I’d love to do workshop in Italy but maybe another chance will come up nearer home. Till then thank you for your generous heart and for sharing. Sometimes the best things in life are genuinely free.


  • Always humbling to go back to the basics which I sometimes forget to do on my journey through SFW or is it that I am doing it without thinking, it’s just becoming part of daily life, as you say, breathing is necessary everything else can wait 🙂
    It’s so great of you to make this wonderful way of being available to all who want to live in peace, jou and harmony. Thank you dear BD x

  • Thanks Stefan, as always, amazing. Simple, clear explained. Just ‘what the doctor’ ordered.

  • I enjoyed watching your video and felt a difference after doing the exercises. However I did them again today and minutes later I leaned forward slightly and my back gave out. It’s really painful and I can hardly walk. This has happened in the past as I’ve a history of back problems and it’s obviously not connected to the exercises. With regard to what you say in your video I guess it’s just to accept it, can’t say I’m loving the pain though.

    Carol x

  • Hi Barefoot,
    Tried these exercises but struggled a bit to be honest 🙁 however it is lovely to see that so many of the others who tried had great experiences. Perhaps I’m beyond help as a always seem to be feeling ill and stressed right now am I find it very difficult to really relax, but seeing the positive comments I will continue and see if I feel the change.
    Love from
    Lisa xxx

  • Lovely, soothing, simple thing to insulate when the rattles set in.

  • Ah this was great, JUST what I required this evening after a hugely intense day with alot of family ‘stuff’ and ego flying around. It is good to have your wise voice to gently remind me and coax me back into alignment with Soul and heart – I now feel calm and at peace – the wrung out, tossled about, feeling all gone. Thanks and love and blessings to you 🙂

  • Steve H
    5 years ago

    Healing has been on my mind for many years since a boy in the early 70’s and following a RTC in 1976 when I received healing and became friends with a wonderful “healer” and human being -Rose Tranter .
    I’ve tried to give healing in minor ways over the years with some success but am always looking to do much better and more whenever possible. I’ve read several of your books and am a firm believer in the “Lifeforce-Energy-Chi/Qi that you and many other like minded people expound. However, I would appreciate any further help with what has become a lifelong study for me.
    Many many thanx for your humour and expertise you share so much of
    Kindest regards
    Steve H

  • Lately I’m more and more aware that I can feel what’s happening around me and that I can choose whether to feel the positive aspects, let myself get swept away with whatever energy comes at me, or choose to hold onto tension and get upset about things. I really appreciate your video because I can feel your energy through it and it’s just what I need today.

    I was just looking for some sort of meditative exercise to introduce into my daily routine and this is it. Many thanks and much love from Buenos Aires, J

  • Hi there Brother

    These exercises are lovely, interesting and effective. I have been following the 5 element Taoist thingy myself since the early 80’s and meditating since I was 14. I have used acupuncture, added in NLP, and therapy into my treatments and my self healing as well.

    One “element” that I found wonderful was your focus on the speed of the CHI energy- swish in and out!!. Of course it does. When I do a treatment for someone with acupuncture the energy change is instantaneous – and the pulses change instantly.

    With some visualisation exercises like breathing in and out of the three centres tthey can get a bit too “conscious” but your instantaneous metaphor got the pathway established for me almost non consciously.

    Also I loved the “settle back into the armchair of the spine, shoulders and pelvis” bit.

    I think sometimes we can be very surface orientated – almost 2 dimensional i.e. focussing on the surface. Settling back has instantly given me what seems like an extra sense of 3 dimensions. Loved that bit and am doing that 3/4 time a day. Well actually whenever I remember – walking along, sitting in a cafe, sitting ion a bus, writing this.

    And living in a 3D world makes the other exercised easier to do. Wonderful.

    Much love to you and am looking forward to your next bit – other points and pathways?????



  • tony tundra
    5 years ago

    Hi Steph….. liked the gist of the video…. wanted to throttle the woman throwing her noise into the presentation….. bloody ignoramus…. manifest peace…. wholeness and wealth and contentment will automatically show up.

    Fear of dying thing… plug a toaster in, then unplug it…… repeat until death takes it’s rightful place. I’m kidding, but not totally….

  • Hi BD.

    Here is some more specific feedback. I love you and your work because you go so deep, getting to the core of it all.Your take on life is inspiring and fascinating to me. You also come across with a humble and powerful authenticity. At the same time, I imagine through life experience, you “get” the chaos and disharmony that are part of life. You know its way. It seems that it is not simply a concept to you or something to avoid. Because of this, as someone who has experienced a bit of those two qualities, enormous trust opens, followed by an essential relaxation. Then I can bring the Taoist (and other) wisdom that you speak and express so clearly into my life and my practices and the results are moving.

  • Dorothy
    5 years ago

    Hi Steph, thank you thankyou for both of these videos – I have been in battle with my doctor about the fact that I have diabetes – okay I have it but I now want to be left alone to manage it myself – without the medications – these videos and all my other info from you over the years is my freedom from the illusion of form – the diabetes is a reminder to relax and get back to my soul – your meassage is always that relax & lean back into the soul – BRILLIANT Steph x

  • Stevie D
    5 years ago

    Greetings BF

    As ever your timing and choice of subject is spot on, ever since i picked up your 1st handbook all those years ago you have been helping me, and everyone else 🙂 there’s loads of us training and we all love you dude, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing compadre

    Much love and respect


  • I was feeling ropey after food poisoning …however after following your instruction felt immediate relief ..thanks

  • I am very new to this but it was a wonderful experience
    Thanks Steph xx

  • COR! Instant disconnection from the four fold drama and instant reconnection to the main stay energy. Thank you!

  • Earthula
    5 years ago

    That works for me!

  • Brilliant as always. Powerful easy techniques that make a difference. Felt the temple ‘breathing’ was really good and also the heart centre technique. Many thanks, look forward to more of the same xxx

  • Christine
    5 years ago

    Thank you BF , your video has come at just the right time.After walking through the exercise , feel grounded and at peace with the world. This is wonderful selfcare for healers. You’re the best!

  • I just wept in agreement and now I can heal. Il be seeking laughter tomorrow although Peter Kay helped a lot the other night. Thanks xxxx

  • Stephen, thanks a lot for this excercise. It’s always fun to learn a new mediation technique, espacially one like this that I can do in everyday situations without drawing any attention.

    However for me the best part of the video was when you greeted your friend Keith. There was so much love and courage in that moment, it really inspired me.


    5 years ago

    A great video exercise, thank you.

  • Feeling so torn; feeling the breathing exercises connecting me to the timeless moment beyond the tear. Thank you Steph x

  • on a lighter note, I couldn’t help but notice the graffiti behind you of a heart ha ha I was paying attention honest! This vid came at a good time as usual and I am improving s l o w l e y. many many thanks, sending love back to you Hilary X

  • Hi Dr Steph, l love how you get straight to the core so effortlessly and so quickly. No frills, just what IS. My spirit appreciates yours on this journey. You make the pathways down Miracle Lane exciting. Oh, l love the adventure! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Brigid x

  • Maureen
    5 years ago

    “When we lose our fear of dying, we lose our fear of living. ” That quote struck a really deep chord… says it all, really.

    Looking forward to trying the different thymus energy patterns. I breathe in and out from the heart space every day and find it quite profound both from a personal perspective (warm and expansive) as well as the effect it has in a general sense – a feeling of connection with everyone and everything.

    Thanks for sharing the videos.

  • Thank you for this exercise , I found it replenishing and healing. Connectivity seems to be the issue at the moment. It seems to pop up everywhere.

  • namaste
    the healing exercise came as I was suffering from a spring cold and feeling miserable……I feel awesome now and back in my body and connected to the cosmic energy….peace and love to all x

  • Penny MacNeil
    5 years ago

    These felt like I was having a one to one, very powerful, thank you. Staying with this, I’m feeling so much more of a connection to my soul. I love it, my soul. Love LMAO too. Very necessary. You’re special BD.

  • Thank you for the lovely simple video x

  • Carol Simpson
    5 years ago

    Hi Doc

    Loved the blue scarf 🙂 the explanation about healing, clear and concise as usual – the exercise simple and effective – lightness of being what more is required. Thank You and Namaste Carolxxx

  • Lovely,lovely – just noticing that the world offers another possibility other than what we’ve all come to believe can be a stunning revelation! Still reeling1 XX

  • Marc Sohier
    5 years ago

    Merci beaucoup ! Healing concept you discribed is so naturel and perfectly in harmony with what I experienced with myself. accepting the death and everything else became easy when I trust te Tao ( or any other names for it ). When I am at the right place in my body I feel like I’m back home, je suis enfin chez moi ! When I am disconected from myself I cannot see all the beauty of the outside world. Real change is coming from the inside Hey Oui !

    Well done Mr BD

  • Loved both of your videos. The first one was a reminder to me of your core essence – the soul and the ego. I find it really amazing that children from an early age lose their connection to soul. I have seen this happen in 9 year olds and by 14 the connection is gone. Whether this is with ALL children I do not know. I’d really appreciate your views on this subject as I am a teacher. Thank you
    Your 2nd video I loved the exercise you showed us how to do – I definitely felt a shift. – thank you

    I loved the way you videoed yourself outside in the open air with the background sounds of people and children. – wow! Very brave!
    Do you video yourself or does someone else video you? What do you use? I’m only asking as I am now ready to start my own business and this is something I need to learn to do I.e use video.

    Look forward to your next videos. Much love and light. Bev xx

  • Thanks Stephen – Barefoot. The most enlightening definition of healing I have been offered so far. It gave me a beautiful perspective and sense of acceptance and okay-ness. I will remind myself often that just as death is not to be feared – so life is not fearful. As always for me it is not the understanding of the philosophy but the living experience of it that legs me over. I will practice living fearlessly and be mindful of when I am legged over……….

  • Hi Stephen – I like your relaxed, down-to-Earth approach. What you say echoes my own experience of healing. In my view the survival of the body is not the most important aspect of healing but rather the level of consciousness with which a persona lives or dies. Experiences since Jenny passed over appear to validate this view.

    I’m looking forward to your next videos on this important topic.

    love, Leo

  • Thanks, doc! Always a blessing to receive your messages and videos. Much appreciated!

  • Sifu Jen Sam
    5 years ago

    Your advise for healing and understanding one’s body & energy is great looking forward to meet you one day.
    Sifu Jen Sam
    Barefoot Doctors Of The Future

  • Thank you BD

    I have been feeling anxious and disconnected for a week or two – as well as physically unwell. In just a few minutes of watching your video and centring myself, I already feel calmer, more connected, in less physical pain and happier.

    This is perfect timing for me. Tomorrow I have a busy social engagement to attend, which was worrying me because I’ve been feeling so anxious lately. Now I feel much better and will take what you have said and taught, with me and enjoy connecting with everyone I meet.

    Thank you.

    Ted (Bristol, UK)

  • Wow. It’s funny how settling back into myself and following those energy flows actually resulted in opening up, being less isolated, self protective. Lost identification with the stories of what’s happening and the hook of the emotion, and it seemed that I remembered that there is everything else, and that I am a part of it. Clumsily put, I know, but there you go. Thankyou for this!

  • I’m sure you’re right,but still think most of us will live and die and never even know of such possibilities,and ones like me are almost completely lacking in the kind of self-discipline to even begin properly.Having whined that,you I do try to avail of the mid brain number and so was ready for the sit back in yourself and look around you thing.Why is there all this though?

  • Stephen if poss i will get it together to meet up..

    bit of a roasted weekend..but i was with a bunch of students in a kitchen and i think i need to work on my public speaking(or belief) that what i said that there is no death and this whole thing operates on the fear of it. the mystery of it..the actual fact that we are here having a human experience as souls..now i really don’t quite know what that is but i know we’ll somehow go back to ‘mission control’ with no judgement..at least not in the human morality way.. it’s just a training ground..
    Bless you BD and it was so ace meet you xx

  • Eddie O'Connor
    5 years ago

    Thank You

  • Really nice little healing there, I found it loving and nourishing, and enjoyed the internal balancing using the temples and fontanelle. I also loved the bit where Keith Lemon (one of my hero’s) came along in an almost seamless moment of comedic serendipity when we opened our hearts. Opening our hearts for healing and opening our hearts for the Tao’s sense of humour…

    Thanks man

  • Jacqueline
    5 years ago

    While I was doing the exercise the dog began hassling me for an evening walk, so I took her out, thinking that I would probably feel no effect and have to come back to it later. But instantly I noticed that colours seemed sharper, sounds more obvious yet not intrusive and I was feeling more connected to my surroundings ~ which I’ve walked so may times before. As I was climbing up a long hill, I felt my chest literally aching, as though my ribcage was separating ~ but I wasn’t scared. As I reached the top I stopped to view an incredible sunset ~ big orange sun sinking slowly in a pastel sky. I tried to photograph it with my mobile phone but realised that I was missing out on reality by trying to focus a digital screen ~ how crazy was that! 😉 So I just stood and took in the changing light, the shadows, the drift of woodsmoke and sounds of merriment from a garden. When I viewed the snaps I had taken, the first two were disappointing. But the last one has a rose coloured orb beneath a golden sun and in that orb is the shadow of what looks like a little person. Cosmic! Thank you BD, for making this freely available! 🙂

  • paul darbyshire
    5 years ago

    Hi,this excersise is like a key… a really powerful magic key… you never cease to amaze y’know !

  • Thank you Stephen before the healing exercise I was feeling frustrated for whatever was going on around me. feeling much better reconnected with my soul thank you sending you all my love

  • The phrase…Of Course..it IS so comes to mind..
    I knew that and easily recognized it
    I said to myself
    and now to you.

    I Am
    WOT !
    No where “else” of course except out of my mind in the distraction ?
    sort of sleeping while “awake”.
    WOT !
    Who AM I then eh.
    Me IS I..
    missing myself
    the child i was ?

    onlyness is loneliness

    So ..
    only one of us (me) …or
    ALL of “us”

    and the vague deep FEAR of just Being..

    So into.. now.. forever
    and I is Me..at long last _
    and has woken up from the long sleep
    the forgetting.

    Perhaps someone should be marketing the Barefoot Bell
    which we could all ring for each other and
    suddenly STOP
    and remember_

    Oyez Barefoot and dingalingalong to you too.

  • Beppie Adams
    5 years ago

    Second video is inspirational also. I can attest to the effects of these exercises or “doings”. You have explained this in a satsang. It opens my mind and when I start going of on a tangent it pulls me back. Perfect example was yesterday. I own a good SUV car, low mileage, but suddenly I felt the need for a new one. Went to two dealers and drove with sales persons around both in the morning (Toyota) and afternoon (BMW). Thank God I did not bring my check book or the title to my car. After doing this calming down exercise when I finally returned home, all the craziness of wanting to replace a perfect good means of transportation with a new one, vanished. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Barefoot Doctor!

  • Beppie Adams
    5 years ago

    That was a wonderful and very interesting explanation of healing. You are so good at pointing out these things. I truly love listening and I know that I learn a lot and get motivation from your talks. Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks so much BD for these videos. I am feeling like a lot of other people disconnected and pulled apart, knowing that I have a lot to heal and change but finding it hard to cope with the process. These exercises really help to bring me back to base and reconnect with my inner self bringing a feeling of inner joy and peace. Thanks a million. Penny

  • A few thoughts:
    It would be helpful if every time one wanted to refresh one’s self of the video it wasn’t necessary to sign up again. I find it unhelpful whenever I hear anyone say “that’s silly” , that’s just the speaker’s opinion, based on their idea they know what’s silly and what isn’t. I also don’t think being unfraid of dying necessarily makes one unafraid of living, sometimes can be to the contrary. The exercise for being in the back “is” simple, but it’s so radical it’s more a default to be in the front.
    I love the genuine unphzed-ness of BD with the noise, embracing the is-ness, and the obvious delight in seeing a brother. Wow, be lovely if I could say “I love you” to those I care about, and them not be embarassed, guess that’s a hippies/cultural difference. I’ve done the exercises a couple of times and felt good after doing so. I felt grounded, deeply momentarily detached from perceived problems. I made triangles of the accupressure points to thymus/heart, drawing the energy down. Thank you for sharing these.

  • Carolyn
    5 years ago

    Hi dear BD,

    Thank you so very much for your healing video. I have RA, which has really been getting me down because of the pain which I know can’t be healed, but you have made me laugh and cry tears of joy because now I can accept that and work with it rather than against it. X

  • Thank you Barefoot. If I had never heard of anything like this before I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.
    Personally I love the sitting back in your body. Taking a back seat as it were. Fantastic…and the
    Heart centre rose/exercise is so poweeful. You just reminded me I must do it much more
    You’re Awesome. Loadsa love and blessings, bel

  • hello doc, loving the vids.
    not sure if you received my suggestions before on what to make your videos about.
    please do you have any suggestions on getting over someone who is perhaps not suitable for you but is very addictive in a physical way?
    I’m finding it quite painful being on my own, trying to make peace with it, trying to love myself and be happy with myself first, but could do with tips on this.
    I’m still in contact with an ex and am stating to get obsessed even though the re/ship was rocky at the time. don’t want to lose my head over this as I have a 6 yr old boy to look after aswell.
    many many thanks,
    dawn xxx

  • kathleen
    5 years ago

    Thank you as I am feeling really torn about a relationship so healing is needed as it is difficult for someone to move on and go off with someone else so has really hurt me and at times I feel I am behaving irrational…so any advise is greatly appreciated your technique are always great use empowering the spleen found that really with help of positive energy?

    kindest regards


  • Carole Senogles
    5 years ago

    Thank you for the video, it was very timely, I was feeling excluded today so I thought, after listening to your video I realized I was actually disconnected from me. Seems I was judging myself and wondering what was wrong with me. I feel much more at one with myself and felt the energy moving. I have been doing your self healing routine most days and that is working well for me. I look forward to your next video thank you for taking the time to help us, it is most appreciated and much needed. Namaste. Hugs too xxx Carole

  • Hello Master barefoot namste!
    I have to tell you the events leading up to my watching your video. After years of being a Jehovah witness and leaving I found myself
    My dad a ride to
    The church he attended for years. I sat in meditation through the
    Live music…somehow due to just the representation of bloodshed and discord I dislike being in a church of any sort. Raised in a home with both parents at religious opposites.. Jw and baptist! I started feeling overwhelmed and had to leave so I sit in my SUV and see your message! I was trying to achieve that and when you came on and demonstrated the process it was
    Like coming apon a fountain of
    Water in the desert! I still feel some residual energy from the event but I am viewing it from insider point of view…like I got the “Inside scoop”! may get off my butt and scurry back in there or not! Just allow me to be me and accept my
    Limitations for what they are in each moment of this overwhelming situation.

  • After doing the exercise I felt a feeling of clarity, being present, awakening.
    Thank you,

  • Thank you. The video’s were fun,light,educational and inspired !

  • Barbara
    5 years ago

    Thank you. It’s s great explanation and I’ve heard you say this many times on the satsangs but I seem to need to keep hearing it! Each time I feel a bit more healed, just by being reminded that I am whole.

  • Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for these videos.
    I loved the visualizations.
    Sitting back into the body was so relaxing and gave me such a feeling of belonging – being at one with the all – just sitting back in a comfy old chair surrounded by friends.
    Then the visualization of breathing in the essence of the rose and sharing it with others on the outbreath was such a warm, loving experience – simple yet elegant!
    Thanks and love from Liz

  • This was a very lovely imagery. Will be using it frequently. Thank you!

  • Carmen Beaumont
    5 years ago

    Thanks for that, I really enjoyed listening & loved what you said,
    Healing being about bringing all parts of us back together;
    Couldn’t agree more about laughter, a good laugh with friends is the
    Best tonic I’ve discovered thus far
    Lots of love x

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Dear Stephen – thankyou for this video and it was lovely to go through it again especially with your clear demonstration as always. Having done your training , I do it anyway, but, to be reminded again is just great. You are as always are an inspiration.
    with love

  • How wonderful….feeling light, almost floating ,a gentle smile curving my mouth. All the tension in my throat and heart has gone! Stomach has relaxed too. A sort of internal chuckle, bubbling laughter but very soft and quiet.

    Once again thank with love…..x

    • AmritaKiki13
      5 years ago

      Hi pie! The sky is great now! Thank you, great perspective, ticketty boo, top notch and so forth 😀 felt like steam was being released, lighter, freer, definitely more connection …hugs x

  • ThanQ* The exercise was really special ~ I do your stuff constantly & daily & have experienced a truly amazing transformation in myself, but this *popped* my awareness into a deep & prolonged & intensified~colour phase ~ the creative best times! Long may it last ~ tho I’ve tucked this beautiful exercise away in my heart for whenever i want a boost <3
    As always with *Love* 🙂 xxx

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