What Is Enlightenment And How Can It Help You?

What is enlightenment and how can it help you? May seem like a stupid question and probably is but enlightenment used to be the quest in the spiritual and self-development world and rarely gets a look in as a goal these days, superseded by the urge to attract what you need into your life. However until you’ve attained the enlightened state manifesting things remains a hit and miss affair at best.

Paradoxically, having attained to the enlightened state, manifesting things ceases to be an issue. You stop worrying because you know you’ll be OK and whatever you need will come to you of itself.

There’s been much mystification of enlightenment over the millennia and the sense promulgated that you had to work at it for years.

However enlightenment actually occurs instantaneously as soon as you drop out of the drama in your head and into your body so you’re feeling yourself being in the here and now from head to toe.

It’s an eminently simple process comprising drawing your focal point backwards into the midbrain, softening your muscles, lengthening your spine, broadening your shoulders, sinking your weight below your navel, breathing mindfully and slowly and opening your heart to allow your universal love to flow more freely, plus one extra ‘supercharge’ trick which I’ll tell you about in the Members’ Wisdom Drop today (for which you’ll need to be or become a member, and it’s worth it).

From the state this affords you, you are able to gaze at the vision of your life with equanimity and transcend the realm of preferences, so everything that happens or doesn’t is equal in your heart and your inner peace and equilibrium remain constant and perpetual.

That’s the easy bit.

The tricky bit is remembering to keep doing it and training yourself to get used to doing it until it becomes your default position.

And there’s no better time to begin than now.

School For Warriors – foundation course trains you to do precisely this, by the way.

Once in the enlightened state you are then able to practice the Taoist we wei method of effortless manifesting to great effect.

Merry Monday Wish: you attain the enlightened state this very day and are so glad you did, you keep doing it from now on.

With love, BD

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