WEEKEND SPECIAL – Wisdom In Being An Idiot

There is much wisdom in being an idiot and I should know. I mean idiot in the sense of the archetypal Fool, he or she, who is without guile or contrivance, free of artifice, airs and graces, unencumbered by the burden of self-importance, unfettered by restrictive social conditioning, unclouded by false beliefs, clear of prejudice and willing to greet all comers and all eventualities with perfect equanimity and magnanimity, having fully transcended the realm of preferences, knowing that every coin has two sides, every cloud has a silver lining and every silver lining has a cloud, thus fully awake to the inherent yin-and-yang dynamic underpinning the mechanics of the universe and everything that moves within it, for in this state and only in this state, can you be said to be living in heaven on earth, only in this state can you be said to be inhabiting hyper-reality and only when inhabiting hyper-reality are you fully able to manifest whatever reality, or appearance of mundane reality you want, so if you want to attain to that state, begin at once by allowing your whole body to shudder like a horse and as it does, imagine yourself shaking yourself free of the burden of your own self-importance, releasing entirely the weight of the myth you’ve been carrying around about who you are and what the world is and instead allowing yourself to be totally comfortable with not knowing who you are or what the world is, thus free of all prejudice and, in this state, encouraging a vision to form of itself in the frontal aspect of your brain, in which you see yourself living exactly the kind of life you want to be living, complete with all physical and material resources required to facilitate it, letting yourself fully feel what it’s like being in the body of such a person and finally reminding yourself that person is none other than you, upon which you are free, in your own time, to almost stop reading this implausibly long, yet not so un-deftly constructed sentence and return gently to the everyday state, feeling subtly transfigured and transformed, as well as ready and raring to go with the next step of your fabulous adventure, one I wish for you to be so splendid today, tonight and through the weekend, you have to physically restrain yourself from running naked and ebullient to the highest natural or human-made point in your district and shouting, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.

Love, Doc


2 Responses to “WEEKEND SPECIAL – Wisdom In Being An Idiot

  • sofa queen
    3 months ago

    i love this, it makes me happy! thank you x

  • Had this open all day until I found a quiet space. Always well worth it, thank you, 🙂 x

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