Weekend Special: Trusting The Path

You have to trust you are where you’re meant to be, geographically and metaphorically for to doubt it merely sends you nuts. This doesn’t preclude making a determination with validity to be somewhere else in either sense. Meant to, here alludes to the result of the workings of cause and effect that began as a wee dribble at the start of time and grew exponentially in complexity and scale to eventually produce, against all the odds, the unlikely and miraculous effect of you being here in your present form, at your present location reading this. The path has led you to be precisely where you are. Trusting the path, causes the path to treat you with more respect, as it would anyone else with integrity you were dealing with. The path is another word for the Tao, the Great Way, informing and driving from within, all known and unknown phenomena including you and all the various complexes of situations you perceive as comprising your life.

Trust the Tao to deliver you into the precise set of circumstances that will best promote your healthy growth in all respects and that’s what it’ll do and the more clear your determination to attain maximum growth and fulfilment, the more powerfully and magnificently it will do so.

This is a proposition, an experiment with reality. Adopt it merely as that. Don’t waste energy wondering if scientists can prove it, as that’s merely a procrastination device for babies. Instead undertake to experiment with it yourself today, tonight and through the weekend and see how it affects your perception and experience of being alive. Listen but decide for yourself, in other words.

And one way it might be undertaken could be as follows (based on the Taoist way of using physical exercise as a kinetic metaphor for states of being):

Walk in a very slow, shuffling, relaxed, mindful, physically conscious manner round and round the room/open space you’re in, in a clockwise direction, symbolically enacting walking along your path to fresh pastures and with every step of the left foot you take, repeat aloud or under your breath as circumstances or mood dictate, ‘I trust my path,’ and with every step of the right foot, ‘it leads me to fresh, lush pastures’. Step and repeat at least 81 times for the exercise to have full penetrative effect. Repeat each day till Monday and be sensitive to the way it lifts your spirits and subtly shifts your relationship with external reality.

May your spirits be lifted as high as the sky today, tonight and through the Easter weekend.

Love, Doc

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