WEEKEND SPECIAL – Thrust Of The Great Current

There’s a level of divine forgiveness we know nothing about. It goes beyond morals or any of the constructs devised by human society in its vain attempt to formalise the ineffable pattern which informs and connects all phenomena. True maturity is when you assume ultimate authority over your own life, which implies forgiving yourself all the unresolved contradictions and paradoxes inherent to your character and make-up. As soon as you do, you instantaneously align to the innate thrust of ubiquitous preatomic consciousness – the Tao – and that’s where you realise your authority is ultimate.

Which is a responsibility.

Because once you accept it’s ultimately you and only you in command, you are forced to acknowledge that everything you’ve ever believed about karma, right and wrong and the whole notion of being in debit or credit in the eyes of the divine, is merely a construct you’ve created yourself and is essentially illusory. You realise that the entire meta-model of reality on which you’ve based your day-to-day existence is one you’ve created yourself and hence, that if you were to restructure the model, your experience of being you on the planet would be radically altered.

Aleistair Crowley, the unhinged, heroin addict magician who dabbled in the dark side of the occult, did, however bequeath one gem to the world, namely his dictum, ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.’ He probably got this from Nietzche’s concept of the ubermensch or superhuman, the hero archetype, who on a divinely inspired mission, is beyond social mores or concepts of right and wrong.

Instantly, of course, comes the fear. What if, holding yourself beyond the laws and mores, you were to abuse your power and run amok, wreaking havoc and destruction?

However, to do so would imply you’d not aligned to the Tao but had merely got caught in another layer of constructed self and were acting out from pain, as is the case with anyone who violates the sanctity of another sentient being’s life.
For when in alignment with the Great Current, the Tao, you are so keenly aware of the miracle of existence and of the continuum of all life, in which at the fundamental level, we are all fully connected, so the pain you cause another you cause yourself, that to do or even actively entertain the thought of doing anything that would in any way diminish life for anyone, even someone who you perceive to have wronged you deeply, would be too uncomfortable to bear.

The alignment can be approached directly via the body, using your mind and is merely a matter of becoming aware of your spinal column, which when elongated, with all vertebrae balanced neatly one atop the other, acts as an antenna or conducting rod, completing a circuit between the spiritual and material energies on a macrocosmic level and between the primal urge in the pelvic region and the intelligence in the brain on the microcosmic.

Then with spinal column elongated, by softening and lengthening the back of the neck and that area of the spine between the sacrum and the waist, and your torso balanced neatly on your sit-bones, relax all the rest of you and let it sink.

Simultaneously pay attention to breathing slowly, silently, silkily and mindfully and draw the point from which you’re witnessing reality backwards out of your forebrain and into the central region of your brain instead.

For as long as you can maintain this set-up, you are in alignment with the central thrust of the Great Current, the Tao, in which state the past is forgiven and you are free to create the next phase of your life from scratch, from the ground up.

Rather than lose yourself too much in specifics and risk losing the alignment on account of your mind being pulled off centre through desire or anxiety in respect of things you want, at this stage, it’s generally more effective, in terms of manifesting something as grand as can be, to address your aligned self with something like the following, but you must supply your own references: ‘I want a life of effortlessness, ease, enjoyment, love, peace, health, abundance, success, worth, meaning, purpose, courage, wisdom, fulfilment, creativity, freedom, sexiness, fun and general magnificence in all respects – make it happen for me and you take care of the details.’

Then you let go of the thought, look around you and start seeing the effortlessness, ease, enjoyment, love, peace, health, abundance, success, worth, meaning, purpose, courage, wisdom, fulfilment, creativity, freedom, sexiness, fun and general magnificence in all respects of your life as it is right now, for what you focus on grows.

Try it for the weekend. Spend a moment detached from your tasks and sit comfortably, lower your eyelids almost all the way, leaving just enough of a slit of light to keep your brain from falling asleep and enjoy a moment or two of alignment with the Great Current in which all concept of sin is forgiven and the universe is seen as a field of infinite possibilities, any of which are yours for the choosing.

May you feel the core thrust of the Great Current in your bones the whole weekend long and may it make you feel sexy, successful, abundant and invincible.

With love, Doc

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