WEEKEND SPECIAL – State Of Success

Lots of talk on a regular basis about holding the vision for yourself to manifest what you want but equally if not more powerful is to hold the vision for someone else, someone you love. Holding to the vision of someone you love succeeding in manifesting their own highest good does actually lend real psychic weight to them achieving it. Furthermore doing so constitutes an act of service to your fellow person and any act of service to a fellow triggers a multitude of blessings to be heaped upon your own head, generally in respect of you getting what you want for yourself more swiftly and spectacularly. In fact committing an act of service to a fellow is one of the best laxatives available when your process of manifesting the dream is constipated for whatever reason. However this isn’t the motivation for doing this, it’s a bonus by-product. The motivation is love and caring for the other, wishing them to achieve the very best possible for themselves. It’s a selfless act of generosity of mind and all you have to do is devote a few moments to visualising the one in question looking and feeling magnificent for having manifested the reality their heart desires, whatever that might be and only their Tao knows what that is – you don’t have to.

All you have to do is see them in that state of success as if it’s already a fact and blessings will come to both them and you as a result.

It’s magic – beautiful magic.

May your life be full of it today, tonight and right through the weekend.

Happy Solstice.

Love, Doc

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