Weekend Special: Mega Tool

If you’ve been following the Wisdom Drops and Members’ Wisdom Drops for the past couple of days, you’ll no doubt have detected a bit of a theme: the use of affirmative thinking to trigger a shift in the circuitry of your autonomic mind, causing you to unconsciously emit a different set of signals via vocal tone and body language, in turn causing those with whom you interact, who together constitute most of what you think of as your experience of the external world, to respond to you differently, thereby producing transformation in your world in real time.

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4 Responses to “Weekend Special: Mega Tool

  • Sabine Konrath
    4 years ago

    wow, these are powerful affirmations. Just did it and found it really hard to count…
    There was a huge resistance but I made it to 81.
    I feel now ready for new adventures.
    love, Sabine

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    4 years ago

    Thankyou dear Stephen for these positive affirmations and now I just have to do it and I can do it.
    with love

    • Steph, BD
      4 years ago

      and you are doing it and even if you didn’t do it you’d still be the magnificent person you are

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