Weekend Special: Let Your Thoughts Drift

Ease off on yourself a moment, stop driving yourself mad about what you want and how or whether you’re going to be able to get it, or if you do get it, whether you’ll still want it and all the rest of that self-punishing enterprise, ease off on your body: stop holding your breath, stop holding onto your muscles and let the whole complex you’ve grown accustomed to thinking of as you sink into itself and relax completely. At the same time, mentally lengthen your spine to keep you upright, imagining someone suspending the top of your head by use of an invisible thread attached to your crown.

Let your thoughts drift and allow a picture to form itself in your imagination of you a short way into the future, enjoying yourself so much you can hardly contain it. see yourself in this state because you’ve miraculously managed to create all the requisite external conditions to facilitate such joy: you’ve somehow jumped over all current problems and are now totally sorted in every respect. You don’t need to know how or why this has happened. All you need to know is it has happened. Don’t rush it. Allow yourself to indulge it for as long as it takes. Enjoy the feeling as if it’s already a fact. Give thanks to the Tao Of You for making it be so as if it has already been made so and in your own time, return to the world of the everyday.

Then smile, clap your hands and carry on as you were.

For detailed explanation of how to employ this technique with optimum effect in respect of creating a new level of abundance in your life, see the current Members’ Wisdom Drop, for which you’ll need to be or become a member and it’s worth it.

Meanwhile, repeat the above procedure at least three times each day today, tomorrow and right through the weekend ahead and miracles will start occurring in your life.

May you be inundated with them now.

Love, Doc

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