Weekend Special – The Key To A Miraculous Social Existence

Watching people socialize and party as if there’s no tomorrow, reminds me of the school playground, with everyone rushing here and there as if on an important mission, when in fact it was just a bunch of children in various states of delusion.

The subtext is the quest to be recognized for being wonderful, using the device of attracting attention to a combination of your looks, charms, personality, behaviour and so on, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t usually hit the spot. On the other hand, humans are social animals so banding together comes automatically. The rest is just entertainment as it’s hard just sitting together doing nothing. However I’ve usually felt far more nurturing sitting in meditation with a group of people than sitting with a group of people drowning themselves in alcohol and small talk – and in small talk I include those apparently profound connections that occur with more and more frequency these days but which have no actual significance – chimeras of profundity.

Ultimately your relationship is with the Tao, the Great Way and knowing this provides the key for true enjoyment in social situations, beyond the level of all the alcohol, substances and small talk. Attune your deeper awareness to the Tao, the background presence informing you and the people around you and let all your exchanges be an enactment of the Tao in you connecting with the Tao in the other, an enactment of the Tao connecting with itself. This invariably produces the synergistic effect people seek in vain by playing on the surface. Let this mission be at the core of all your activities with others this weekend and you’ll have a spiffing good time of it, unleashing a stream of healing miracles along the way that will leave you feeling charged up rather than depleted and giving rise to a slew of significant connections with others. It’s the way of the miracle-worker.

Meanwhile, I wish you the most satisfying, healing and altogether scintillating weekend of your life so far.

Love, D


4 Responses to “Weekend Special – The Key To A Miraculous Social Existence

  • Cheers doc, thank you kindly, l will give it a bash.

    2 years ago

    and may it be so for you too dear Barefoot x

  • Peter Ziminsky
    2 years ago

    Dude! I spiffing will. Love you bro!

  • Beppie Adams
    2 years ago

    As always great advice to follow! You are a errific teacher. Have a great weekend also.

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