WEEKEND SPECIAL – Keeping Spirituality Simple And Straightforward

You can make spirituality as complex as you like if you like complexity but it won’t lead you anywhere fast. The most spiritually awake people tend to be the ones whose practice is the most simple and straightforward and in a sense, the most repetitive most repetitive. Hanging out with the Native Americans in new Mexico back in the late 70s, early 80s, when I lived there, my friend Sonny, one of the most spiritually advanced souls I’ve yet encountered, practiced the same simple prayer, the same simple walk-to-the-mountain and the same simple dance of gratitude every single day. it wasn’t complex for him. The Great Spirit was everywhere in everyone and everything and he spoke to it in everyone and everything and as he spoke to it, he would breathe. He wouldn’t grow tense or hold his breath. The light of the spirit was always shining brightly in his eyes, never clouded by self-obsessive thoughts or the strain of his rational mind trying to reason it all out. He was one for keeping spirituality simple and straightforward and wasted no energy attempting to make sense of any of it. The only sense for him was being in constant dialogue with the Great Spirit in everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time. And because of that, his life worked. He never lacked in any department. He never got greedy. He always put the other before himself, without neglecting his own needs and never forgot that the Great Spirit was always present.

May his example serve you as it serves me and may the result be you gliding through today, tonight and through the weekend with the greatest of ease and grace.

Love, Doc

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