WEEKEND SPECIAL – Jump Over Yourself

One of the quickest, surest ways to break yourself out of the trance of the humdrum is to drum and another is to dance. Dancing doesn’t have to involve the ordeal of staying up all night sweating in a club, or waltzing at a tea dance. It can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home and all you need is a room-based or personal stereo with which to transmit the sound of whatever beat gets you going and a small bit of space in which to stand with feet roughly at shoulder width, knees bent to act as shock absorbers and a willingness to breathe, relax and feel the rhythm and to express it as movement in your hips.

Feel the beat in your pelvis and allow it to move your hips, not necessarily according to the dance moves you’ve seen on MTV but according to the rhythm-responders in your own soul. And the movement doesn’t have to be a big one. it can all happen micro-style within your skin. The main thing is that you feel it move you from the hips.

Start by focusing on your navel and imagine a point on the floor between your feet. Circle your navel on the lateral plane around the point on the floor, in a similar way to the earth circling the sun 93 million miles away. Circle with the beat 18 times to the left to release stale chi from your system then 18 times to the right to induce a flow of fresh.

Having done so, allow the navel to circle round and round in any direction it wants and gradually let it cause your whole body to become involved, each part making circles of its own, until you’re nothing but a collection of circling circles moving to the beat.

I strongly recommend a pleasantly insistent beat at 166 bpm, enough to shake you out of any existential torpor. Otherwise something more dubby might do it for you. Who knows, it might even be Abba. The important thing is that it blows back your rhythmic hair and gets you to jump over yourself.

When you’ve done, take a moment to sit or lie down and feel what’s going on inside. Then draw your mind back into centre brain and watch the space between and behind your eyes for a while and you may catch a glimpse of the Tao.

May the Tao smile on you and all your moves today, tonight and through the weekend.

Love, Doc

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