WEEKEND SPECIAL – Journey To The Sea

Don’t fight the feelings you’re feeling. Don’t distract yourself from them. Don’t phone somebody to take your mind somewhere else. Don’t go out and buy something to divert your attention. Don’t fixate on possible saviours. Don’t do anything. Just be here in your body, breathing and feeling what you’re feeling – in your body.

Feel where you’re feeling it physically. Feel how you’re feeling it physically. It doesn’t matter what you call the feeling – fear, panic, nerves, dread, anxiety, worry, grief, sadness, loneliness, irritation, frustration, dismay – simply locate its physical epicentre, discern its physical nature, as in what it’s doing to you in there – and then use your will and intention to relax that region and relax it some more until the energy hitherto stuck that was expressing itself as whichever feeling it was, has dispersed.

As you do so, tell yourself, “It’s OK for me to feel whatever I’m feeling. The more I surrender to what I’m feeling, the more I relax with it and breathe, the less I need to waste time and energy distracting myself from myself and escaping myself, the less harmfully I act out and the more constructively I conduct myself and affairs.”

You’ll notice that by the time you’ve got your brain and lips around that, you’ve forgotten whatever you were feeling anyway and life has moved on, which ultimately is what it’s all about: remain flowing like a river, never damming up, always moving until you reach the sea.

May your journey to the sea bless you with abundance of everything you wish for today, tonight and through the weekend.

Love, Doc

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