WEEKEND SPECIAL – Developing Flexibility To Get The Most From A Fast-Change World

With everything changing so fast you have to develop flexibility to be able to roll with the flow and flow with the roll (and rocking) of it. To be so flexible that nothing can wobble you much and thus be able to maintain a more or less perpetual state of inner peace and equilibrium, so you can carry on enjoying being who you are, regardless of how shitty (or good) it gets, otherwise what’s the point, you have also to mentally allow things space to fall apart and go differently to how you planned them. You have to be gracious enough to allow reality to do whatever it wants. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it doing so anyway. You know that. so you have to be a good sport and be big about it – big enough to give reality its head.

However you can effectively give it some broad-based steering, simply by telling it (your Tao, the Great Is), the sort of outcome you wish for.

For instance, if you wish for a happy one, in which you find yourself thriving and strong, cared-for and complete in yourself, all your needs met and your mind at peace with itself, plus all your relations with others in a state of harmony, tell it that’s what you want – do so sincerely from your heart – and it will oblige. It might lead you a merry dance along the way and may present things differently to how you’d imagined they’d turn out but it will produce the desired result from that.

Meantime, vow to increase your flexibility levels at every turn now.

May your waltz with the Tao yield you a hundred unexpected blessings today and through the weekend.

Love, Doc

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