WEEKEND SPECIAL: Be Like A Small Child. Especially On Weekends

If you want the health, stamina, enthusiasm, inventiveness, originality, creativity, imagination, focus, enjoyment, longevity, persistence, strength, courage, fearlessness, confidence, charisma and power necessary to succeed on all levels to the optimum degree and thus fulfil your true potential this lifetime, access the small child within you, the small child you were before the conventions, beliefs, prejudices, limitations, lies, hypocrisy, pettiness, greed and ignorance of the world around you sullied your spirit and caused you to limit yourself to fit in. Obviously conduct yourself responsibly, using all the tools of socialization you’ve picked up along the way, be honourable in fulfilling your duties in order to stay in the everyday game and respectful and generous to everyone in your world, but do so being the small child within, because that’s who you really are. You are here to play. Let everything you do, however serious or significant in the everyday world, be informed by the spirit of playfulness and fun. Enjoy whatever’s happening just like a small child, even the painful bits. Remind yourself at every turn, that even at the deepest, darkest level, it’s all just a game of yin and yang.

My wish: that you fully access the child within and find yourself laughing with untrammelled joy at the elegance and beauty of what transpires now and over the weekend.

The D

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