WEEKEND SPECIAL – An Unprecedented Exponential Spread Of Wisdom, Enlightenment, Peace, Abundance And Freedom Throughout The World

Back in 1980 when the then USSR and the USA were at loggerheads and threatening mutually assured destruction by atomic bomb, I was having dinner up near Oraibi in northern Arizona round at Thomas Benyaka’s house one night, as you do. At the time he was the official keeper of the fabled and ancient Hopi prophesy. As the prophesy has it that the world as we know and love it will be destroyed by atomic bombs, we fell into discussing how best to deal with such an eventuality. He explained the only course of action for people of power (in the personal, magical sense), was to ‘illusion’ the problem away by literally seeing the world differently with enough psychic force to cause the actual conditions to shift. The Hopi method for doing this consists in praying but not praying as we know it in the West – not following any prescribed format or liturgy but rather talking on the level as a friend to the Creator, the Great Spirit – what we might call the Tao – and asking for what you want. However in the Hopi way of doing this, the supplicant rarely prays for personal gain of any kind. They pray for the collective good. In this instance, he explained we must pray for wisdom to prevail. We must see the warheads being dismantled and both sides being willing to live in peace with each other.

While I knew intellectually he had a point, the cynical aspect of my mind found it hard to conceive of how a few prayers issued from this wild desert landscape of the Colorado Plateau miles from anywhere could have an actual effect on people making decisions in Moscow and Washington.

As it happens, it appears that any doubt on my part was fortunately no match for his faith, as but a few weeks later, both sides voluntarily dismantled a whole raft of warheads and within nine years the USSR was no more anyway.

Hence why it’s important any time you catch yourself fretting over the human race’s prospects for survival for whatever reason, that you instead use that energy to visualise and ask the Tao for wisdom and enlightenment to prevail and for the effects of that to be peace, abundance and freedom for all.

Having done so, visualise and ask the Tao to manifest wisdom, enlightenment, peace, abundance and freedom in your own life today, tonight, through the weekend and thereafter.

The Tao will take care of all the details in both cases. It just needs to know the general outcome you desire, in order to give its manifesting process a spot of direction.

The more of us that attend to the global version of the vision, the more synergetic power will be generated to lend force to a spread of peacefulness and abundance.

On the other hand, the more energy you/we invest in fretting over potential disaster, the more your/our mind is creating that possibility for everyone.

May the Tao manifest an unprecedented exponential spread of wisdom, enlightenment, peace, abundance and freedom throughout the world and in yours specifically, now.

Love, Doc

2 Responses to “WEEKEND SPECIAL – An Unprecedented Exponential Spread Of Wisdom, Enlightenment, Peace, Abundance And Freedom Throughout The World

  • Katie Green
    4 years ago

    Thank You, and bless you, and peace be with You, and all that inhabit this beautiful planet. Xxxxx

  • Rev. Craig
    4 years ago

    Aloha B.D. —

    It’s been awhile since we last touched base, and being that today is World Tai Chi/Qigong Day, and I had the good fortune to have a truly amazing practice with my students to celebrate, I came home buzzing and read your blog.

    It hit me straight in the heart, as a group of us at lunch, after our Qigong practice, had a conversation about the very issues that you address in your entry. We were speaking about global climate change and the apparent lack of any concern or wherewithal on the part of the world’s governments to cooperate in turning the doomsday scenario’s around.

    But you give the only remedy that we can undertake to do what we can do on a personal level to effect a change for the positive, and bypass the buffoon’s who are running the show right into the ground.

    So, dear Barefoot, thank you for yet another cornucopia of wisdom, which I will be sharing with my students at our meditation this Wed. evening.

    I do wish you every happiness and, of course,
    Peace in the Tao —
    Rev. Craig

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