Weekend Special: All Aspects Of Self

On account of the now fast-crumbling Cartesian paradigm upon which our collective reality has been based these past couple of centuries or so, but which is swiftly giving way to a new paradigm, presently too huge, far-reaching and radically different to be grasped by our rational minds just yet, we are accustomed to wanting childishly to resolve every paradox, because according to the Cartesian view of things, something can only either be this or that, whereas according to the Taoist version of reality,  any thing you care to examine has inherent paradox that cannot be resolved, because all things are governed by the preatomic qualities of yin (stasis) and yang (dynamism), implying that a thing is both this and that, rather than this or that.

The same applies to you personally, for while you might, for the sake of perceived propriety, like to think of yourself as merely the pleasant aspect, you also contain many other shades, extending all the way to the downright unpleasant, as do we all.

The old-school tendency is to be sharply in denial of the more unpleasant sector of the range and only admit (to self and others) to the more pleasant range of the scale, which is all fine and dandy assuming you enjoy wasting valuable energy playing charades, but if you like your reality authentic and aspire to the enlightened position, it behoves you to acknowledge and claim ownership of all aspects of self, no matter their hue.

This is an exhortation to a healthy brand of polyphrenia or multiple personality syndrome but rather than allowing this to cause a state of personal chaos, you instead take full command of all aspects and guide them as a unified force along the Great Way by force of intention, in a similar way as a great general takes command of his troops.

Interestingly, according to Taoist medical wisdom, the ability to do so arises from being possessed of powerful, stable gall bladder energy, to effect beneficial stimulation of which, press with fingers just under the bony outcrops on he outside edges of your knee joints, into the top of the strip of muscle that runs down the outside of the shin from knee to ankle, using approximately 4 ounces or 110 grams of force for about 20 seconds on each leg. Repeat this thrice daily for two days and you’ll actually begin to feel subtly more in command of all aspects of self and with less internal debate and confusion over choices occurring.

May you feel so unified today, tonight and through the weekend, you occasionally mistake yourself for an arrow in flight.

Love, Doc

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