Weekend special: A bone fide magician

If you were to hold your hands in front of you, shoulders and elbows relaxed, as if holding a small imaginary concertina and were to contract and expand the concertina slowly and sensitively, after a few passes, you’d feel a palpable sensation of energy between your palms. If you were to continue the motion you’d be amazed at how palpable it would become. In this instant you’d be touching perfection, which is a rare phenomenon in this world riddled with imperfections.

And if you were to practice this till you reached a point of mastery in respect of sensitising yourself to the energy between your hands and were thus able to carry the energy around with you, as you went about your everyday business, you’d be aware of perfection as an a priori essence the whole day long, no matter the distortions and glitches arising in all aspects of your activities as a result of the inherent imperfections of physical reality.

You would, in effect be carrying around a visceral knowledge of the Tao itself, which would provide an anchor for your soul in the midst of the tumult of the world of the world and could thus be said to be rich beyond measure.

What would distract you from it however, are the thoughts and corresponding emotions arising in your forebrain and belly-chest area respectively in response to incoming stimuli.

If you were then to draw your mind back into the midbrain and allow your breath to flow freely, smoothly, uninterruptedly and silently in your belly-chest area, you’d all at once notice your thoughts of this and that ceasing and the emotions subsiding into a state of peace.

If you were to practice this to the point of mastery, in respect of being able to maintain awareness of the energy without undue distraction from your thoughts and emotions, you would know you were rich beyond measure and would need no external proof to back it up.

In the state of knowing yourself rich beyond measure, if you were then to discipline your mind to focus on the outcome you desired from each and every situation as it presented itself, you’d start to notice reality conforming to that desire and the more aware of this effect you were, the more instantaneously it would occur.

If you were then to combine this state of mastery with a willingness to be both loving and loveable in terms of those you share your life with, deal with or encounter in any capacity, a state engendered simply be relaxing the thoracic region (chest and between the shoulder-blades), you’d find yourself enjoying your state of mastery even more and would find yourself often astonished by the levels of harmony in your relationship with the outside world.

If you were to take this simple set of suggestions on board and make it intrinsic to your moment-by-moment experience from now on, not only could you said to be a bona fide magician, you’d also have subtly yet nonetheless potently transformed your existence for the weekend ahead and thereafter.

I wish you a weekend ahead in which you experience the full joy of being a satisfied soul in each and every moment and that as a result, life proves you right by showering you with a run of surprises so delightful, magnificent and nourishing for your soul, it’s all you can do not to go running to the highest natural or human-made point in your district and shouting, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.

Love, Doc

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8 Responses to “Weekend special: A bone fide magician

  • Maureen
    5 years ago

    Have to echo the sentiments… doing the circuit from SFW3 now every day for almost two years and this daily repetition is a touchstone… a beautiful sense of grounding – and yet at the same time, it brings an awareness (that varies day to day) of the inexplicable magic of it all – rather difficult to explain, but a recognition of an eternal, moment by moment unfolding…where we are the creators intrinsic to the process.

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      And I have to echo your echo dear M, bless you 🙂

  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Likewise, I have been following Barefoot SFW123 for nearly a year and I can honestly vouch for Stephen’s training and this stuff really works subtly but definitely and what an amazing,magnificent and inspiring teacher he is – he is indeed a’ brick’- .
    with love

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      That’s lovely to hear and lovely of you to say dear Malkit – truth is it’s been around for thousands of years and I’m just passing it on as faithfully as I can – and yes it does do the job – delighted it’s doing so for such a fine soul as you.

  • Thank you for sharing, an amazing day of joy and happiness.

  • Agent G*
    5 years ago

    Ive been doing this stuff for nearly a year on a daily basis & yes, He’s right you know! It all works ~ ** * life is sweeter than ever before* Barefoot is a brick!! <3

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      That[s lovely to hear, Agent G – may it continue to serve you well 🙂

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