Weekend edition: forgive the world

When you feel pissed off with the world, when people en masse are irritating you and you feel like finding a new planet to live on, stop and remember that everyone, collectively and individually, is the Tao in human form – all of this is the Tao – everything that happens is the Tao, everyone is the Tao – it’s all the Tao. And the Tao is the source of absolute love. Hence everything irritating about human society is actually a disguised version of the Tao’s absolute love for you.

Once you see this, you relax your belly, you let go of the resistance, the judgement and the irritation and let it wash through you. And as soon as you do, you automatically reset yourself in relation to the world around you. You get back to a place of love and that puts you in the flow again.

In the flow again, miracles start happening.

Try resolving things the other way, however, by acting out on your irritation and all you manifest is obstruction.

So have your two minutes of irritation then remind yourself it’s all just the Tao loving you, waiting for your acknowledgment and set the miracles in motion instead.

Deep peace.

Love, D


3 Responses to “Weekend edition: forgive the world

    6 months ago

    I am so glad I found Tao through you, the BareFoot Doctor !
    I absolutely love everything about this.
    Tao, the soul, love, you, your voice, and all.

    Can I hear London resonate through your voice, Barefoot Doctor ?

    This is the best meditation too, thank you.
    smiles, Lilian

  • Brilliant! Totally brilliant!

  • William Stridar
    6 months ago

    Deep peace to you too 🙂 x

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