Wavy Wednesday

I hesitate to talk about School For Warriors because if you’re not a student it might make you feel left out, which I wouldn’t want – I always tend towards inclusion – but School For Warriors is the flesh and bones version of what this site is all about.

The training has two distinct aspects or dimensions, both running simultaneously. One is the instructional: the passing on of information – techniques and philosophy – that’s the dance. The other is experiential, so that as the techniques and philosophy are being passed on, being immensely potent ones, they are actually having an instantaneous effect – that’s the tune we’re dancing to. The techniques of Taoism, comprising the way of the warrior, are specifically designed to take you straight to the heart of the Tao in the midst of the everyday, so that even while engaged in so-called external reality, you are supremely centred in the depths of the Great Current, and, like this, if you keep practicing the techniques, find yourself in a state of virtually perpetual, unshakable equipoise and peace, no matter the odds stacked against you on the material, physical, emotional and mental planes.

So when a group of likeminded people come together to practice the techniques, even virtually, the synergy of consciousness produced makes it patently clear that what’s happening there is the Tao looking out at itself from many different sets of eyes. And the effect of that is like being in heaven while you still have a body. It’s beyond the level of privilege – it’s even beyond epiphany – it’s so discreetly beyond in fact, that I believe I’ve just hit the limit of my descriptive powers and will therefore desist from saying another word about it, other than I am blessed to have the opportunity to hang out with everyone who becomes a student and have no doubt that the energetic level of healing that goes on unleashes a stream of soothing chi that is even now encircling the entire globe and doing something to help keep the yin-yang balance in the otherwise generally troubled group dynamic. The water may be running out but at least we’ll be feeling centred and peaceful for the parching, is all I can say.

And now before I go and get on with the business of being Barefoot in Urbino, let me leave you with a Taoist technique perfect for a Wednesday. Sensitively grab hold of your lowest ribs on the right (front) with the fingertips of your right hand and the left ribs in the left hand and breathing slowly and uninterruptedly all the while, gently yet purposefully, prise your ribcage apart a few centimetres, keep breathing and prise it a few centimetres more, until it’s at full lateral expansion and hold it like that for three long, slow breaths in and out, then on the third outbreath, let go and bask in the warmth suddenly released in your solar plexus and revel in the greater freedom of breath. This will help you accept yourself and what’s happening around you more easily today and tonight.

Have a wavy Wednesday and if you fancy taking me up on half price (available only until I get on a plane back to Britain on Sunday) School for Warriors online video-based training and dedicating just six minutes of your life each day to incorporate one or more of the exercises, I guarantee you’ll experience greater ease and flow in all areas of your life.  Take a look at the links below.

With love, BD


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2 Responses to “Wavy Wednesday

  • Christine
    5 years ago

    I can’t emphasise enough what a delight it is to drop by every few days and enjoy the side-splitting dexterity of your incisive but relaxed words about the world. To read that even you have hit the limit of your descriptive powers……tee hee hee. Laughter and Synchronicity, I am sure these are two essential ways that the Tao operates. Add in instruction – the Dance, and experience – the Tune, as you describe them, and we have four ways that echo NSEW, up/down/left/right etc. Thank you for the ribs breath exercise to help me stay in the centre of it all.

    I don’t do Twitter, I just read your contributions for the day when I come to the site. That one last week about bankers’ boners or something, was priceless!!

    • Steph, BD
      5 years ago

      Thanks dear Christine, it’s always wonderful to know I’ve struck a humorous chord and you’re lovely to say – especially poignant as I’m doing a wee comedy try-out with my friend comedian Danny Buckler this Wednesday night in London and woke up this morning wondering how I was going to be funny – though I’ve found the trick to that is to not try to be funny. I did clowning training with Jim the Clown many years ago and one exercise he made me do was walking round in circles being funny without saying anything – and whenever I wasn’t being funny he’d whistle to indicate I needed to let go of me and just be a clown. It was exacting – much whistling was there – but it was an amazingly revealing process.

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