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Three free video exercises for you 

AcupChart-Qing-TongzhiAcupressure (and acupuncture) were being used by the Taoists of northern China at least twelve thousand years ago. Your body has at least a thousand such points grouped into twelve main channels or meridians.

Learning exactly where there are and how and when to use them takes a few years of full time study.

But there’s a relatively secret set of very important points (VIPs), relatively easy and quick to learn that make up the original trance pattern used by the ancient Taoist sages to induce an omniscient state.

Once internally lit up by it all aspects of consciousness from the most surface to the deepest level of your autonomic functions are drawn into a harmonious flow under your command.

Learn the sequence and you’re able to disperse aches and pains and swiftly generate a state of supreme health. And you’ll be able to help others with it too once you’ve had a bit of practice with it yourself.

These three powerful points are not in the secret sequence but have a powerful effect to give you a foretaste of the ‘VIP Online Acupressure Training’ we’re releasing at the end of this month.

Instant patience-builder+calm-down trick

Use this magic acupressure point to instantly calm yourself and increase your patience – try it then leave me a comment:

Antidote to shortness of breath, panic & stress

Use this magic acupressure point to prevail over panic and triumph over tension – also good for shortness of breath or asthma – try it then leave me a comment:

Gather yourself and gain sudden strength and poise

Use this magic acupressure point to build your willpower and gather yourself into a unified force for greater effectiveness of action – it’ll also benefit you if you suffer from lower back pain, sexual tension, urogenitary disorders, prostate trouble, IBS, or belly ache. Try it then leave me a comment:


Used together the points in these three videos comprise a viable treatment sequence in their own right.

I wanted you to have a taster of the power of this ancient medicine to wet your appetite for the release of the all-new BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S VIP ACUPRESSURE ONLINE TRAINING – starts Saturday 2nd July and takes about three weeks (but you only have to watch a fairly short film each day).

It’s called VIP for two reasons – one is that you’re a very important person who deserves the very best in life, whether that’s learning a brilliant system like this or anything else; and two, because these are very important points.

This is the trance sequence used by Taoist sages at least twelve thousand years ago to induce a state of omniscience, whereby they were then able to take full command of their own bodily functions and heal themselves or those around them – and were able to take command of the space around them, able to see through to the nub of everything, and with this power attain to great serenity and poise in a busy world.

Formerly this hugely refined and elegant system was the preserve of emperors and sages. You’ll learn the full sequence of points, exactly how and when to press them to achieve this hallowed state of being fully high on life, and relieve a plethora of different symptoms.

Once you know it this full sequence only takes a minute or two to perform and you instantly reach the psychically open, omniscient state in which healing flows – hence also why it provides the perfect adjunct to the SUPERHEALING training.

If that sparks your interest at all, find out more and book the training here:


Starts Saturday 2nd July

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  • Richard Robinson
    2 years ago


    • Hi Richard I’d love to help you but am in Europe for the time being so am not sure how I can help in a direct sense aside from transmitting healing from afar. If you want to proceed down that line let me know and we can discuss the logistics. With love, Stephen

  • Andrew Westgate
    2 years ago

    Hi Doc

    Interestingly I have been using the first point on myself and my children and now my grandchildren as a cure for hiccups for 25 years plus without fully realising it is an acupressure point. Not sure where I discovered it, might have been my Tai Chi teacher.

    Thanks for all the info.

    Smile, breathe and go slowly

    Andrew Westgate

  • I did the three exercises and, much to my surprise, I felt markedly invigorated, yet relaxed. They really work!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Exceptional as always. Thank you so much, very effective and appreciated! Will be sharing it with many others. Really good to have these very practical tools, thank you for sharing this alchemy with us,

    Brightest Blessings

  • Newt Newport
    2 years ago

    So there I was feeling low and sorry for myself.

    Three days off work with some nonsense summer cold that had sapped my energy and continues to do so every-time I get up.

    30 mins until I have to do the school run, so I decide to do this Trio of Exercises. “What have I got to loose, at least I feel less hazy and happy” I’ve got previous with another Docs reset exercise so I know I’ll at least get this level of result. So I watch the videos do the acupressure, go oooh I feel a bit tingly after each (which is what I expect). Finish. Breathe in breathe out then …….BOOOM!!!

    I’m back in the room fully energized and motivated. I get up and do the school run in record time being happy and attentive with my kids. Then when my son suggests that we take the short cut home, over muddy farmland, overgrown wastelands and barbed wire fences (remember to take a towel here to protect your delicates as you climb over these) I go sure. Half an hour later I’m home, a sweaty muddy mess, inner child running round my head with glee, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Contemplating making curry then doing a ton of weeding while it cooks.

    So I think that works 😀

    This Acupressure course, where do I sign up?

    All the best

    ;O) Newt

  • Belinda
    2 years ago

    I had an itchy runny nose. It took a while for me to think that maybe it had improved as a result of the 3 pressure points. I have just repeated them and will do them a few times tomorrow. Thanks

    • yes your body has infinite intelligence and wants to attain to balance so any cognitive focused intervention via the appropriate pathways or levers such as the points provide is likely to trigger it to deal with the symptoms and tbe underlying resistance producing them

  • Thankyou BD – I like using Accupressure but haven’t for a while . I wonder if you know of any points for ongoing sinus or neuralgia pain. I love your use of words and the generosity in your comments. I don’t see you smile much 🙂

    • hi Judy yes when i concentrate i tend to let the smile remain internal. the exact combination required is actually in the VIP training and would be unweildy to explain in text (hence the training) but underlying is a need to spot what you’re resisting in life that would be better to surrender to. once ascertained symptoms of misdirected resistance such as hay fever and even neuralgia which is essentially about things you’re resisting getting on your nerves, tend to dissipate of themselves. that ability is in essence what the VIP gives you

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I was curious about the smiling although do tend to laugh inwardly – so I point and realise I am similar ! hope you didn’t object to that comment. I do feel I have a stubborn or resistant trait in my personality which is interesting in the sense of ongoing physical or psychological issues. I wish I knew what I was resisting – I will think about completing the training –

  • Hi Doc,
    How did you know ?
    It comes at the right time
    and it works.

    • hi Martin, i’m glad. it was the Tao that impelled the sharing that knew, i but its servant and happy to be so if it’s helping you

  • I was excited for the third video as I have bulging and herniated discs in my lower back. I didn’t feel anything immediately but now as I sit I feel a more warming sensation; however it isn’t very pleasant-more of an aching feeling heightened. I will keep trying though as this is a very disabling condition for me. Thanks for sharing these videos-I really appreciate them!!!!

    • hi Val when the condition has set in a bit and solidified as it were it’ll be a longer process requiring many such interventions over time to provide a consistent enough throughput of signal to penetrate to the autonomic level whence bone density and joint articulation is determined so be patient and that odd achy sensation is the chi starting to move through the actual physical obstruction and amplifying the degree of resistance so is a healthy indicator to persevere. and thankyou it’s a true pleasure to be able to help like this with this rather wonderful legacy

  • tim canale
    2 years ago

    More relaxed right away. Thank you!

  • James Pickerell
    2 years ago

    Dear BD
    Looking forward to this training all 3 points were spot on the last one was particularly invigorating. So much unwanted energy circulating right now it feels fantastic to be self empowered to make it work and circulate it to benefit my total being, thank you !! A perfect addition to the superhealing course

  • Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
    2 years ago

    Dear BD,
    Always there when I really need the attuning with the Tao and your teaching of points. I opened this email early this morning, and am grateful. Just knowing you were/are there/here made a difference. The points all helped — and I will use throughout today as it is helping me dismiss the “not so great tones” after an incident that left me feeling shocked, vulnerable and a bit diffusely scared of the unknown regarding another person who is likely in shock as well. You are a great service. I hope to feel re-balanced soon. Love and Healing, Jo Ann

    • that’s lovely of you to say dear JA, thankyou. I’m happy to have brought some succor. In the I Ching hexagram ‘the arousing’, ‘first comes thunder so loud and sudden it shocks for a thousand miles around – after shock, laughter. Arousing means success’ – my paraphrasing. After this shock subsides a time of multiple blessings begins – see it for you – and the points, especially the VIP expedites this passage

  • Jean Goldie
    2 years ago

    Fantastic, thanks Doc. I’m very excited about your 3 week course, will definitely be doing it. Love, Jean

  • Dorcas Daley
    2 years ago

    Yes, this is something I feel would be extremely beneficial.

  • Jessica Abrahams
    2 years ago

    Look forward to the series!

  • Cornelia
    2 years ago

    Dear BD,

    I am in the process of letting go, transitioning loved ones into the next realm, and trying to grieve and heal at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing your kind words and wisdoms.


    • Hi Cornelia, it doesn’t get a lot more challenging than that. Every now and then gently grab hold of the front lower ribs left side and right and breathing freely prise the ribs apart a few short centimeters to make the ribcage a tad broader and release it suddenly. A couple of breaths later you’ll see you have a bit more breath capacity. I say so because grieving affects the lung chi and obviously greater breath capacity helps allay or offset that. But also because anyway breathing slowly helps you keep your mind calmer and emotions more free flowing and that helps you handle such intense passages with a bit more equilibrium. love and support, Stephen

  • As a chronically ill carer, facing a nasty family situation, it’s most helpful, thank you. Will do it again before facing the big issue tomorrow. Thanks BD.

  • Ingrid Burke
    2 years ago

    Thank you dear B Doc, perfect techniques for this body which has fallen into the medical matrix after severe injuries ( including complicated fracture of femur) – stuck with metal rod in right leg, which put knee and ankle into total misalignment ….sever constant pain – barbaric operations, whole life changed in a flash.
    Just those three brilliant acupressure techniques given by you stopped the inner shaking, let me breathe again, and the sacroiliac points – amazingly blissful ! Energy tingling through the pelvic floor and down legs.
    I wish to sign up for your training – however, I can hardly stand, let alone shuffle a few steps at a time … can’t sit for more than a few minutes at a time ….. would your techniques be applicable to my constrained condition at present?
    I really appreciate your integrity, insight and intelligence in these trying times of gross unconsciousness. Please help me wake up again! Here’s to life!
    Much love, Ingrid (Australia)

    • hi Ingrid I’m sad to hear of your travails and pain. And I’m happy I could provide some relief from afar. Yin and yang. But yes you can do the training and then be able to do the sequence while moving about, fidgeting or adjusting your posture with ease. And if you get into it and get in touch I’ll devise an add-on sequence for you to help with the topical discomfort for you.

  • Having done the first two exercises, I know they must have been sent especially for me. I had an anxiety event while driving this morning. I stopped and did them and was on my way in a few minutes. Magic. Thank you, thank you

    • hi Alwxis, I’m so happy to hear it. And of course it’s due to your own gumption in actually using it at that point that did the real magic.

  • Sooooo brilliant! Gracie mille!

  • Murielle
    2 years ago

    Thank you. I’ve been needing a way to move the set point of my nervous system down away from the fight-flight-freeze mode, and toward the learn-grow-relax mode (I would say the ‘normal mode’ but this mode is far from normal in the majority of people). I think this is just what I’ve been looking for (as usual, ask and you shall receive, or when the student is ready the teaching presents itself). Interested in the course. Loving your book, btw. Thank you for the work you do!

    • hi Murielle it’s lovely of you to say. And yes this will give you a handy lever to adjust in a jiffy and be at peace in the midst of the whirlwind

  • Maz Gilmour
    2 years ago

    Oh yes!!! Cannot wait for the full training….Thank you, love and thanks for everything you are, and everything you do 🙂 x

    • my pleasure dear Commander. it’s a delight to serve you so

  • Pnina C
    2 years ago

    Moving our own fingers and hands on the meridians points is healing, but with an added value of self love – thank you dear good Doc

  • Jeanette Cake
    2 years ago

    Love the sequence especially the middle one – brought me out of bunny in the headlight mode into being able to speak! Thank you!

    • perfect. you have the tool to unfreeze yourself, dear Jeanette, well done

  • Patricia Costello
    2 years ago

    Hi, Doc! I’m looking forward to the next set of learning you’ll be passing along! QiGong is brilliant but I’m still working on getting the whole sequence in every day, especially the organ work. I can see these VIP points will be a real life saver (quite literally). Thanks for being a bright spot in my day.

    • hi Patricia, yes it’s a good shortcut to feeling wonderful

  • Berit Rompel
    2 years ago

    I love it. Thank you for sharing

  • Jamie Comrie
    2 years ago

    Brilliant Doc…thank you, most satisfying…I look forward to the new series, Jim

  • I am interested

  • Lynn Marsh-Jones
    2 years ago

    the depth of breath achieved was amazing and left me floating skywards like a wee balloon 🙂 xxx

  • This has made me dig deeper not only into myself but also my back. The points are a life saver so far. Thank you kindly BFD for your service to humanity.

  • Elsa Kumst
    2 years ago

    Abosuletly fantastic thank you!! What a pearl to hold onto!! Love and blessings!!

  • Jamie Lumley
    2 years ago

    For me this has a subtle but definitely noticeable effect. I didn’t really feel much at first but after repeating when I was getting caught up in anxious thoughts pressing the point gave me some distance from them. Like observing rather than beng involved in the thoughts. Thank you for the videos Doc

    • Hi Jamie, that’s good to hear – yes there’s an interesting delay like when taking a painkiller or valium, till it gets to the brain as it were.

  • wI’ll definitely be trying this and will get back to you. Thanks Jen

  • Al Cruz
    2 years ago

    It did work! Both. The second in particular. Some pain there on contact! Hmmm …
    You are not just as “mister”, you are a Master!
    Thanks a million!

    • My utter pleasure sir – yes the pain (tenderness) indicates stuck chi – pressing releases it and it then does its proper work – glad you feel it and thanks for the accolade. Love

  • excellent, thank you very much, very effective and does exactly what you say it does and the techniques are very quick, simple and effective, to. Thank you 🙂

    • My utter pleasure – it’s a true blessing to be able to pass it on and know it’s of value to you

  • Very interesting effects on me. The throat on its own didn’t really make that much difference, very subtle- it was more like an act of faith for me that it was making any difference. The ribs were quite incredible, I had the feeling that I get after doing exercise, cooled down, having a drink etc etc, the sense of expansiveness without any breathlessness of exercise having to precede it! I came over ‘all unnecessary’ and now the throat point has now become much more powerful. I’m still smiling at the brilliance of this energy. Thank you BD. Love Amer xxx

    • Hi Amer, I’m delighted to hear it, thankyou so much for saying – and I’ve always loved that expression – whoever coined it had a great sense of irony. Love

  • Maz Gilmour
    2 years ago

    Love the panic/asthma trick…wasn’t sure it would work, don’t know how it works…but it works!
    Gonna use it in the dojo tonight 🙂 xxx

    • Coming from head of emergency that’s quite an appraisal thanks Commander. Love love

  • Julia Dolowicz
    2 years ago

    ahhhhhhhhh feels good to hear you and extremely helpful points to boot. Love these vids. Great to pass these on to clients too. You’re always an inspiration xxMJ

  • Maureen
    2 years ago

    Always love learning these simple ways to balance the energy. I’ve used the point for throat chakra balance – so makes perfect sense that it calms us down, too – bringing you into a state of real communion rather than being reactionary. Love, M

    • yes communing not reacting – how eloquently put thanks dear M. love

  • Accessing this point makes me feel lighter and happier, almost as if I’ve pressed the “reset’ button on my brain! Thank you for sharing this!

    Zoe Taylor

    • Perfect yes, brain reset – bang on – I’m happy you feel it

  • Kevin Scott*
    2 years ago


  • I felt a tingly feeling all over my facial and chest area. Felt great! Thanks!

    • Ah the front-tingle – sign of being touched by an angel. Good to hear.

  • I was so stressed that I nearly gave myself a tracheotomy!

    • yes i might have stressed how stressed one might try strangling oneself to stop the noise but glad you stopped short sir. we need you here

  • Helen Noah
    2 years ago

    right what I need when I need it. THANK YOU!

    • delighted to be so apposite a deliveryman for you dear Helen

  • Hey dear BDoc, this point lifted my mood nice and quickly thank you, chi! S

  • Bernard Ekbery
    2 years ago

    I was surprised how strongly this put me in a relaxed non-anxious state, letting me have a relaxed, long healing nap, during which I noticed I was psychologically / energetically processing and releasing anxiety routines I’d internalised decades ago. Really works, yet such a simple technique.

    • brilliant to hear it sir. yes marvelous medicine isn’t it

  • I’m away with family right now and boy do I need this thanks BD X

    • utter pleasure dear L and may they and you all benefit greatly by it x

  • A timely video – I’m in the middle of checking some finance reports and becoming very irritated with people making the same mistakes over and over . I checked into my e-mail to send off some scathing comments and saw your video – I have done it and it works – Thanks…

    • good to hear and a blessing to be indirectly encouraging diffusing of tensions. Just be thankful you don’t have to sort out my finances because if you think your lot are prone to ineptitude…

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Jessica Abrahams
    2 years ago

    Hi, it feels a bit better but I still feel quite trembly with frustration at the situation which I can’t resolve.

    • press more, sink back, clarify intended outcomes, be willing to trust the Tao of JA and the situation resolves itself. the mental fizz is just a habit we indulge to spice up the tone but the tone actually sounds better without

  • Judy Kennedy
    2 years ago

    Felt the effect right away -thank you

  • Sabine Konrath
    2 years ago

    simple yet very effective…I feel a lot calmer now and patient 🙂

    • the opposite is just a state we manufacture to busy our minds. glad you feel it, dear S

  • paul thorley
    2 years ago

    goode pointe lol

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