Use The Power Of Sound To Rebalance Yourself Now Part I

Watch a cat purring and what you’re actually seeing is them engaged in the natural act of healing themselves. Everything in this universe is fundamentally an expression and manifestation of sound. The whole thing is subtended by a sound wave, 50 octaves below human hearing levels. It’s inconceivably huge and profound.

When your body goes out of balance and symptoms present, it’s on account of the sound wave not being able to pass through you freely, because of the blockages caused by constriction of the vessels and soft tissue.

Conversely you can use sound to unblock the channels and so rebalance your system.

The ancient Taoists developed various sets of vocal sounds, which if repeated resonantly enough effectively micro-massage the blocks away and help restore you to radiant glowing health.

Start off with one of the easiest, usually used to rebalance the liver but which has an obvious overall calming effect.

In the folds of your lower palate make a very soft, almost silent shhhhhh sound.

Start off seeing/hearing it happen in your upper abdominal region, especially on the right side. But keep doing it and allow the sound to be happening right up and down your front and all the way into your back too, until your whole being is a shhhhhhh.

I wish you a wonderful calming result that stays with you through the day and night and holds you steady come what may.

To be continued tomorrow – and there’s a mega-powerful sound-healing for clearing the body and mind in the Members’ Wisdom Drop.

Love, D


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