Up For Grabs

Reality as you know it is merely one version, a version predicated entirely on your belief system. It is therefore entirely up for grabs and can be morphed by adjusting your beliefs.

You’ve no doubt been raised with the belief that to produce results you have to exert enormous effort and be willing to sacrifice even your joy in the process, and even though your rational mind may heartily disagree, the unconscious belief will still be driving your version of reality and hence how reality shows up for you.

But by changing the belief, you can change the result,

For instance, tell yourself the following six times with utmost sincerity and feeling, the fullness of your person brought to bear on saying it, feeling it and meaning it, even though your rational mind can make no sense of it:

I reduce the amount of effort I put in by 50%, reduce the amount of pointless output by 50%, increase quality of output by 50% and increase personal gain to the benefit of everyone around me by 100%.

Then forget all about it, but repeat it daily for the next three days and your whole life will start morphing of itself to produce that sort of result. Obviously the percentages used are merely arbitrary and impossible to measure accurately in any case, but the mind works in symbols and by and by starts adjusting its beliefs accordingly, thus producing a shift of external conditions by extension.

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Merry Monday. Do miracles.

Love, D

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