Two part antidote to anger & aggression

Here’s the second of the mini series of exercises of exercises to use if you have fears about expressing yourself confidently.


Today’s focus is on dissipating the urge to be aggressive and get angry when you feel you’re not being listened to or you’re not able to get your point over properly. I’m sharing two techniques to help you respond rather than react – have a go, and let me know how you get on.

Try this two part antidote to anger and aggression

With added bonus, it’s good for your health and gives you confidence to boot.


Love. BD

One Response to “Two part antidote to anger & aggression

  • Tim Maeer
    3 years ago

    I tried the taoist kiai twice and it feels so theraputic! Yes there was definatley a moment afterwards of “oh no what have I just done?”

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