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newsatsanglogo forgtwAs a completely free gift to you and to share with anyone you feel would benefit, I’m inviting you to a live online ‘satsang’ (guided meditation) I’m holding tomorrow at 18:00 BST (time converter below) Sunday 31st May – the theme is love and the part it actually plays in peoples’ love life.

I’ll do a 20 minute talk to get us warming to the theme, then 30 minute meditation, and then you’ll be able to ask your questions about love, life, or anything interesting that’s on your mind. People are coming from every time zone on the planet and it’s a wonderful way to connect to the human family. Register below to join us – it’s like being among a host of earth-angels – and invite your friends and anyone who’ll benefit from a unique and deeply relaxing rejuvenating hour:

BAREFOOT SATSANG – Love Life: what exactly is the function of a love life aside from procreation, what does it provide, is it the best way of providing those benefits or are there better ways, and lovely-ing up the field in which your love life exists to cleanse, clear, heal, generate fresh and so on.

1800 BST Sunday 31st May – ENTIRELY FREE



I actually hold these online satsangs – guided meditations – live almost every Sunday at 18:00BST online – where we gather to commune together in the deepest, sweetest sense with that mysterious old Tao, the Great Conjurer putting on this imponderable magic lantern show for us all the while. Normally you’d pay $12 for a session (worth at least $12K if you had to measure the actual value in how profoundly it had the potential to activate change and transformation. But this Sunday at 18:00BST it’s scot free (if you can’t be there live, register anyway to receive the recording).

It’s been utterly heartwarming receiving feedback from the interview magnificent Carl Harvey has just done with me: ‘Beginners guide to Superhealing’ interview with Carl Harvey of The Big Life Show – it includes a powerful guided meditation – you can listen to it here now

We talked about everything from healing to manifestation, and then focused in on my step-by-step contemporary guide to healing ancient Taoist style. Carl has done Superhealing himself and says “my energy, health and wellbeing are at record levels… I feel so gooood, and you will too :-)”. If you missed this interview, it’s well worth a view – view it right here:

Barefoot Doctor Email Image

The Taoist way is to learn to meditate right through the day every day, no matter what you’re busy doing on the surface. You learn it by practicing with full focus for a short while each day, until the state you attain during practice permeates and informs your state for the rest of the day.


May that these gifts this weekend nurture your heart – make free to share them.

With my love, BD

Click here for the Superhealing interview with Carl

Click here to sign up for the live Barefoot Satsang on Sunday

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