Transform the world beautiful today

Though it’s hard to swallow, the things you find unacceptable in others, in the world around you, are things lying latent or dormant in you which you haven’t accepted and often haven’t even acknowledged.

So whatever you see in another that triggers your anger or disapproval, seek the same within, if only its potential, acknowledge it, accept it and forgive it there.

As you do, you’ll instantly find yourself forgiving the other.

This doesn’t imply not holding yourself or others accountable for the consequences of your or their actions, but it does imply not seeking to punish yourself or another as an expression of anger.

Each of us is capable of the whole range of human behaviour, from the most angelic to the most demonic and only by grace do we tip towards the angelic.

Invest in tipping more and more that way, in forgiveness of self and others and the world will start transforming more angelic before your very eyes.

That’s the nature of this Taoist wu wei world-transforming magic I share with you.

May it serve you well this merry Monday.

Love, D

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