Transfixion Alert

The first time I saw two young guys with ponytails doing Tai Chi in the park in the early 70s I was transfixed. Sure I recognised it from a past life I wanted to learn it with a burning yearning. Almost forty years on from my first lesson I’m still transfixed and I’m honoured to continue to share the benefits of Tai Chi with everyone open and willing to learn.

So today, if you’re willing and open – try this four minute TAI CHI FREE LESSON

It’s from my Tai Chi Short Form Training and I’ll have a couple more mini-lessons for you this week. It’ll just give you a taster….


Because Tai Chi is quite simply one of the best gifts you can give your body and your mind. Learn the moves and put them together in the short form and you’ll have a daily practice that, once you’ve grasped it, will never take you more than six minutes to complete, but will bring a myriad of benefits.

The biggest of those benefits for me is deep relaxation – Tai Chi relaxes your muscles and organs and de-clutters your mind. The health benefits are acknowledged even by Western doctors – in fact more GPs are prescribing Tai Chi especially if you’re stressed or have issues with flexibility or balance.

The gentle flowing meditation is a movement massage for your five vital organs. Tai Chi improves your cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic functions. It makes your joints more supple, your muscles more resilient, increasing your flexibility, agility and balance.

Obviously the benefits increase the more you make it part of your daily life – but I’d love you just to give it a go – so

If you’re willing and open – try this four minute TAI CHI FREE LESSON

I’ll be back with another mini-lesson in a couple of days, also from my Tai Chi Short Form Training – I just want you to give it a go and see if you find it easy to follow and learn with me.

Thanks for reading. Your energy is important – and you can boost it by daily Tai Chi practice, so give this free lesson a go.

With love, BD

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