The week that was

And what a week this was. If ever there was an obvious pivot point in the global mind-set this was it. As an alien friend passing by to refuel on his way back to Sirius said only last night, shaking his head in disbelief, “…gosh, Barefoot, 7th son of the 7th son of the 7th son of Macduff, the natives certainly are restless, aren’t they”.

We’re witnessing a major paradigm lurch. Alas the reactive activistic fighting spirit unsurprisingly having its head in America right now will merely galvanize the very effect it’s railing against – intolerance, reduction of personal freedom, through increased state surveillance and control, and so on.

To regain actual personal power in any situation, which is where the process of the collective regaining its power starts, as opposed to being initially a mob-handed affair, you have to gain perspective and to do that you must empathize with the main players involved rather than objectify them and then proceed to attack and blame them, for that only exacerbates the situation.

And if succumbing to bias of any sort, let it be the favorable kind, despite how much you disagree or feel antipathy towards that party’s message or behavior, To wit, in respect of Donald Trump, rather than blindly emotively jumping to negative conclusions ahead of time, wait and see what happens first. And no matter how much it may rankle for you, if you step out of context and acknowledge the achievement of attaining to number one position against all the odds, even if the fight was won using what you consider dirty tactics, acknowledge the aspects of that contestant you do admire, his courage for instance, and then put yourself in his shoes and you’ll see what a huge challenge he now faces, one I bet you’d not want for yourself.

And then watch what you project onto him, because the way the magic of intention works, especially when involving large swaths of people focusing on a single one, if you project evil onto him, you’ll eventually get the very hell you’re fighting to avoid, but if you project the Buddha you at least stand a good chance of paving the way to heaven instead.

People respond without even knowing it, to what’s being projected onto them. And I can guarantee the more people project Buddha (metaphorically speaking) onto Donald Trump and indeed onto any other public figure with temporal power and the potential to alter your life in ways you wouldn’t like, the faster you’ll see them morph into exactly that.

May sound idealistic twaddle, but aside from assuring you from experience it isn’t, let me suggest trying it – and you’ll likely get a sense of how it works immediately, at least in taming your own tendencies to project fear and blame onto the person in question.

Because one thing’s fairly certain, as his name implies and evident drive confirms, the more people make him the enemy and make things tricky for him, the more likely we all are to get trumped.

Everything is hanging in the balance – it always has been but now is the most poignant display of it possibly ever seen on this planet, considering there have never been this many people, nor so many people enslaved to the electronic empire as now – and it could easily tip either way, not just in the way the Trump administration-to-be behaves but all of humanity. We teeter ever more precariously on the edge of chaos and destruction but can just as easily tip things back the other way.

Only destiny knows which it’ll be but if we have any vote in it, seeing as voting and people-power is the big topic of the day, I say let’s go for continuing our evolutionary experiment in an atmosphere of as much mutual respect and tolerance as we can muster, as the eternal kin we really are, not as mortal enemies.

You can’t fight darkness with a stick, all you can do is shine your light brighter. And your light means your love, and your love means your willingness to be beautiful through and through.

And it’s that you must project onto Trump and everyone else, especially those you disagree with. Project beauty and beauty will be reflected back at you. Project ugly and ugliness will be your lot.

That’s how it works.

Obviously I’m not saying go into denial, think pretty now and all will be well in a jiffy – I realize there are unprecedented challenges on all fronts, but rather than succumb to divisiveness train your awareness to see the cosmic presence informing all this theater and all the actors playing in it, including you and I.

For in seeing and honoring the underlying unity you empower it as a force and it grows.

It’s subtle but ultimately the only way.

Pass this on to anyone who may find succor, solace or stimulus for rethinking a negative agenda.

And thank you for reading, I appreciate your time and energy are vital.

With love and a wry smile set at a jaunty angle, Barefoot Doctor, 7th son, of the 7th son, of the 7th son of Macduff.


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