The virtue of patience

Two main areas where patience is required: waiting for things to happen and in your personal development – as in patience with yourself when you’re learning something new (or something old that’s taking you a long time). Or is that true?

In the first instance, were you to allow yourself fullfilment in the moment regardless of external conditions, it wouldn’t matter to you when things you wanted manifested, as you’d know that all manifestations are merely symptomatic of the Tao throwing shapes, and not to be regarded as the source of anything more than amusement, certainly not as the source of fullfilment. Hence you wouldn’t need patience: you wouldn’t be waiting and deferring your fullfilment till such or such happened, you’d be living it and loving it as it already was.

In the second instance, were you to know yourself as perfect already, including all your flaws, imbalances and peccadilloes, you’d not feel the pressure to develop and could thus allow it to happen in its own time with but gentle pressure on the rudder and so would not need patience with yourself.

Both instances imply a repositioning in respect of attaining results. You already have the result or results: you’re here. Everything else is just entertainment of various sorts.

That’s the background theory a la Taoism, but for the technique to induce a patient state, see the Members’ Wisdom Drop.

I don’t wish you patience, I wish you the sure knowledge that you are perfect exactly as you are and everything is perfect exactly as it is and from the vitality arising as a result of letting go of result-stress, you attain better results than ever before.

Love, D

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