The ride that will carry you higher

Everyone’s walking around looking for something, some seek it in pleasure, some seek it in pain. Some seek it in others, some seek it in wealth. Some seek it in possessions. Some seek it in obsessions. Some seek it openly, some seek it in stealth.

However, while seeking externally, disappointment will arise again and again.

Most aren’t even aware of what they seek, they just seek. And because it makes you weak to seek and seek, it pays to give the mechanism a little tweak.

What we seek we’ve already got, although that may not mean a lot, till you quieten your mind, at which point you find, from deep within, the wellspring of life and that’s when you begin to start fully living, by letting go of unnecessary resistance and giving yourself over to the Great Current underscoring existence.

Focus your mind on your breath, for that’s mostly what separates you from the realm of death. Breathe deep and slow and within moments you’ll know you are not this body, not this mind, and not anything you’ll find on the physical plane. Though as your body provides access by which you’ll attain success, drop your weight below your navel now, draw your consciousness back between your ears, soften your chest, let roll away your fears and tears of self-pity and take a rest from your story of failures and glories. Then all at once, if you remain quiet and still within your skin, from behind, from the sides, from below and from above, you’ll receive what you’ve been seeking: cosmic love.

And as you breathe it in and breathe it out, you are gradually left with less and less doubt that behind all appearances of blockages and clearances, the way is open to achieve all you desire.

Generate it now by the grace of the Tao. Visualise it within and begin the ride that will carry you higher and bring you to precisely where you’ve always wanted to be: the state of perfect harmony.

Whether you live in the country or city, may the meaning of this randomised ditty cause magic in your life now and may you feel the Tao in all you do, think and say today and tonight as you work, rest and play.

Love, Doc

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