The psychic grid

I was in Harrods over the weekend – haven’t been in there for years – I was after a belated birthday gift for a close friend who has everything, so had decided on a crystal from Harrods because they always have the finest selection of top grade stone and the box is nice for a gift – shows you cared. I found a beautiful lemon coloured rock – a magnificent apophyllite and stilbite mix from Nasik in India, as it happens, assuming what’s written on the week label was correct but I didn’t care what it was called anyway – it shone out at me and I knew it was the one. They didn’t have any boxes to fit it and make it look all fancy to show I cared after all that so I gave it to him in the bag – I don’t wrap – I can sing and do The D kind of talking in rhythm and rhyme over a beat but I don’t wrap – never have, never will – though I’m sure he knows I cared even so – he hasn’t called to say thankyou yet, mind you – maybe he already had a apophyllite and stilbite and was secretly hoping in his heart of hearts for some other exotic mix of quartz.

But that wasn’t the point – it was just tittle-tattle – the point was the huge amount of money being spent in there – the store has to be one of the busiest spots on the planet, thought I, just like a crowded tube/subway carriage in the rush-hour and as if manifesting whatever thought came into my head, found myself eventually giving up after two trains crammed too full of consumers to squeeze in and walked the mile or so from Knightsbridge to Green Park instead, which was an eminently richer experience all round, also for the owner of the café where I stopped for a coffee that cost as much as the average house in 1950, and otherwise generally absorbed myself for some reason in counting those Thunderbirds-style, shaped-for-status £220,000 armour-plated chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces, of which I saw no less than ten in one hour.

The overall effect was one of huge, almost unimaginable global wealth, concentrated in a small area, mostly funnelled no doubt, one way or another at some point in time, by collecting an extra few pence here or there on a vast scale, so to speak.

Good gig if you can get it.

Meanwhile, is owning things the way to happiness?

Does showing off bring peace of mind?

Or are we just universally neurotic to ever think it could and so drain off the majority of our vital resources in our vain attempt to do so?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not begrudging anyone anything. The drive to succeed is crucial to the individual’s health in all respects and people managing to do so, to express their success on such a vast scale is something to be celebrated.

However when striving for this by billions is depleting the resources at unsustainable levels, it makes me wonder how long it can go on before it somehow corrects itself.

So I’m thinking that, in the face of inevitable change and perturbation, perhaps more than ever, it’s crucial to develop the power of insight through meditation in order to tap into the true source of sustenance, the Tao, compared to which £220,000 cars are mere trinkets, as indeed they probably are to most of the guys that own them.

So it’s all good. The grand cosmic theatre goes on, Shiva’s dance continues eternally and you never know what’s round the corner, which is why I say let’s meditate together, dear Member, join me if you can for healing satsang (new series ‘Surrender to Grace’ starts 1800 GMT this Sunday) for in so doing, we’ll be helping strengthen the energy of enlightenment as opposed to the energy of vanity and neurosis, primarily within ourselves and by extension, by and by, via the psychic grid, in all parts of the collective psyche.

You may think that’s just pissing in the wind but try it and you won’t be sorry, especially if wearing waterproofs.

Check the events page to book tickets for the Tree of Life talk on Friday and after satsang on Sunday is my Sonic Healing webinar – join me,  it’ll be special.

And may you have a Tuesday of such terrifically thrilling outcomes it’s all you can do not to go running with gay abandon to the highest known natural or human-made point in your district and shouting, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to hear.

Love, Barefoot

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    5 years ago

    May I ask aquestion here? I tend to think the striving and driving that many people do for the ‘trinkets’ of life is yet again to do with the attempt to ‘fill’ that yawning ‘gap’ that we all, at some time feel. For some of us, we are blessed to find our way to answers and realisations that the external can never and will never fill that ‘hole’ it is an illusion. However, going back to the start of my ramble I get the sense it is all a necessary part of being here in that as each trinket fails, we desire something else and something else until one day – the light bulb moment. My question – would you agree? Thank heavens for our world being flooded with the wonders of the Tao moving through men and women like yourself Steph – Blessings and Gratitude

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