The power of your subconscious

Your subconscious mind knows everything there is to know – it knows exactly how to guide you and drop you into the optimum position in the game of everyday life every time. At the subconscious level you are connected to the psychic grid of collective consciousness – you might call it the angelic level – for once you get in the habit of trusting your subconscious you’ll feel as if your inner guardian angel is running the show and the more you let yourself follow its prompts and guidance, the more elegantly and magically things work out for you, from the smallest to the biggest.

However what makes the Taoist approach different to most others, is its accent on accessing the subconscious level psychospatially, by feeling its location as a palpable sensation in the midbrain region rather than contemplating it as an abstract theory.

Once you’ve accessed it, you then have to be willing to relax and follow it, rather than insisting on continuing to believe your rational mind is more capable of directing you to your highest good. Your rational mind is there to interpret and be in dialogue with your subconscious but your subconscious is where the real decisions are made.

Simply by allowing yourself to feel the midbrain, you activate a process by which the subconscious mechanisms become part of your conscious awareness. This is another way of describing enlightenment.

Once you get the knack it really is great fun and never fails to bring you to the best possible outcomes in all situations.

My wish: that you discover for yourself the unlimited power of your subconscious through this method and find yourself enjoying the day and the rest of your life on a whole new and improved level.

Love, D

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