Hazelnuts 570x190In this new MAGIC SATSANG sequence we’ll be getting to the very nuts of Taoist magic in a deeper, more rationalized way than ever before – a solid step-by-step building-up of your relationship with Tao whence springs (aside from absolutely everything) your power to shift yourself and the warp and weft of received reality.

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Session One: Waking up to the Tao and riding the yin-yang cycle
We’ll activate a deeper level of ‘dialogue’ with the ‘Great Dolphin’ and turning on the internal switch that grants us the superhuman power to ride the dolphin’s back as it swoops this way and that.

Session Two: Transforming your body into a strong, resilient conduit to channel the Tao
We’ll activate somatic intelligence, enhance proprioceptive sense, and induce the next level of internal comfort to produce a mirror-effect from the outside world to produce an instantaneous increase of external comfort – the Taoist approach to resurrection (with a respectful nod to the spirit of Easter Sunday)

Session Three: Personal-progress accelerator
We’ll activate an acceleration in your progress with advanced back-thrust technique to take you to the next level of magician-ship.

Session Four: Activating the ‘irresistible featherlight touch’
…so that everything you touch from now on, everything you turn your intention towards, will turn to gold – to increase your good fortune and capacity for easy-easy channeling of the magic flow.

Session Five – Activating full soul connection with humanity
We’ll activate the next level of soul-connection to humanity and heal the airways between us and everyone, thus clearing the way for the Tao’s blessings to be delivered with less delay and en route damage.

Session Six – Riding the power of change
We’ll activate the next level of internal balance, flexibility and resilience and have you riding the currents of change like a proper Taoist bronko-bucker, so nothing phases you as the power of the magic we’ve activated starts moving your entire constellation into a more elegant configuration than ever previously, ready for THE NUTS OF TAOIST MAGIC – SUPER-SKILLS ACTIVATION – PHASE TWO .

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