Hazelnuts 570x190Infused with the spirit of the festive season that’s all but upon us I’ve dedicated over twenty hours digitally handcrafting a gift for you. It started old-school style with pen and paper, progressed to transcription on screen, then progressed further into audio with appropriately resonant underscore music, and what it is (inspired one morning drinking coffee in the Nice sunshine, musing over how if I had to check out in a hurry I’d want to explain the nuts of Taoism as succinctly as can be before I vanished).

And hence, The Twelve Nuts Of Taoism.

The Nuts of Taoism

These twelve nuts cover all essential aspects of the Taoist cosmological, metaphysical, philosophical, psycho-energetics ecosphere in a nutshell and are packed tight with enough succinct reframe wisdom to last a lifetime, let alone to get you through the festive passage in one piece, each written, recorded and produced with all my love.

Look out for these NUTS emails each day – the subject line for all twelve will start with ‘NUT…’, as in ‘NUT ONE’, ‘NUT TWO’ etc – be sure to white-list these NUT emails to be sure you receive them all – particularly if you’re a gmail user (google ‘how to whitelist emails’ if you don’t know how to do this).

Get the NUTS here

Meantime, while on the gifting tip and rolling with the dozens, if urged to bestow any or all of a whole range of digitally-handcrafted-by-Barefoot gifts upon yourself or others, land on the NUTS OF TAOISM download page, have a look and you’ll spot a host of mad discount offers on no less than twelve Barefoot Doctor treats of various sorts and price ranges, for festively enriching the lives of you and your beloveds any time between now and Christmas day.

Get the NUTS here

Making judgements about the world one way or another is obviously an entirely subjective business. That notwithstanding, it’s a properly nutty world out there, and in the same way homeopathy works, treating like with like, these NUTS OF TAOISM, along with all the other Barefoot bits are offered as an antidote, by conferring unshakable wisdom, perspective, clarity and centeredness in the midst.




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  • Celeste
    4 years ago

    I don’t know why, I just want to put faces on those nuts.
    (smiling faces) 😉


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