The key to instantaneous enlightenment

The Buddha talked about maya, meaning state of illusion, referring to the manifest world and the illusions we all spin around and project onto it. The Taoists call it the world of the ten thousand things, implying countless distractions. People seeking enlightenment have tried avoiding maya but this is misguided, for it is an essential aspect of the theatre of life and serves as a useful springboard from which to jump into its opposite, that state of being unclouded by delusion, in which the coiled up section of rope is seen as just that rather than as a dangerous snake.

Rather than run from the distractions of the world of the world, run towards them, or rather walk with dignity towards them, knowing that informing each is the background presence, the Tao. Allow yourself to be momentarily dazzled and drawn by the sparkling lights of the world but look beyond the glare to the spirit informing it and enlightenment will be yours at every turn.
In fact seeking enlightenment in itself is misguided. Enlightenment is actually the natural state. It reveals itself every time you desist from indulging in the internalized drama occurring in the front of your brain, in which you constantly seek in vain for resolution of the paradox of life. Life resolves itself without your intervention.

All you have to do is be excellent in all you think, say and do, relax and let it happen.

May the natural state of enlightenment occur spontaneously for you now and imbue you with the power to manifest everything you want without lifting a finger, meanwhile.

Love, D

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