The Healing Series: Surrender to Grace

Almost 40 years though it’s hard to believe it was that long, as I was saying goodby to Geshe the old Tibetan meditation teacher at the end of the last session before leaving for New Mexico and the adventure of living with the Native Americans for four years, I bent down to hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek, he chuckled and admonished me, “You must live a spiritual life!” “I will”, I answered grinning, “but I’ve got a few things to do first.” “No, now! Don’t wait,” he said, and we hugged again and off I went into the wild blue yonder.

It took a while to realize I didn’t have to stop dealing with mundane matters to be living a spiritual life – I could live a spiritual life and still be on the planet doing things. Spreading that way and teaching how – bearing in mind this was a radical notion back then, even though now it’s more acceptable and relatable to – has been fundamental to my work for decades now.

There are many factors involved in mastering this practice of being in the world but not of it, perhaps one of the more striking of which is surrendering to grace. The surrendering aspect is fairly self-explicit – you let go of grasping at pushing on, pulling at and in all ways interfering with the flow of life and instead relax, let go and allow yourself to be carried by the current to your destination, deliverance, salvation or however you want to see it,

The grace aspect relates to the Taoist notion of virtue or ‘teh’and means all that is true, glorious, noble, beautiful and uniquely you when aligned to serving rather than disturbing the great flow of life. But it also refers to the omnipresence of those qualities at a primordial level, as in when you let go and surrender to the flow, you find yourself enveloped in grace (grace of the Tao).

When this happens, all that was broken or unjustly taken is restored or returned and all that was held beyond your reach is brought to you – the miracle of manifestation occurs in other words.

This will be the underlying thrust of our adventure in this new series of satsangs, I’m calling ‘The Healing Series: Surrender to Grace’. Session one Sunday 24 March at 1800 GMT (book by 1700 the latest to get on): does surrendering to grace rather than pushing the river really bring you what you want? ┬áCome and let’s find out:

Meanwhile may your breathing settle, your body relax, your mind clear, your heart open and the resulting sensation of surrender invite grace from all quarters and the miracle flow be yours.

With love, BD

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  • Malkit Gimbrere
    5 years ago

    Looking forward to the new satsang series and letting myself surrender to the flow come what may.
    with love

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