The Big One

There’s probably something you’ve been wanting to make happen in your life for quite some time now but which seems so far to have eluded or partly eluded you.

This would be on account of a need to commit yourself more strongly to the vision of it happening and to the feeling in your body that it is actually happening now, even though you can’t quite see it yet with your eyes. The more you let yourself feel inside as if it were already happening, in  spite of whatever protestations your rational mind throws up, the more your energy vibrates at the level of the conditions of the potential situation you’re wanting to manifest, hence the more of an effective psychomagnetic field you generate around you, which is what manifesting something out of nothing is all about.

Consider what it is you wish to make manifest in your life – the big one that’s been eluding you till now and see yourself in the scene. Once you see yourself there, allow your body to feel what it’s like being there. Breathe with and relax into it until you feel you’ve fully arrived in the scene. Then remind yourself you are that person in the scene and bring the experience back with you from the future, as it were, complete with the feeling and sensation elicited to the everyday state, willing to trust in the innate magic of who you are to make it all come to pass without delay.

Meantime, allow yourself to appreciate being here now, as this is all there is and if you’re not enjoying it now, you won’t enjoy it when it changes either, no matter how much you think you may. Whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest will bring with it as much shade as light. How else could it be? So the trick is to enjoy the current mix of light and shade in your life, simply because it’s your life and you’re here to enjoy living it come what may. This enjoyment of where you are is what keeps your psychomagnetic field alive. It cannot thrive on misery. And when what you’ve wanted does come to pass, you’ll carry the joy there with you.

A shortcut to access your innate preatomic joy lies approximately where your thymus gland is towards the centre of the top of your chest. Spend a moment or two using your fists to pound respectfully yet definitely there in a steady Tarzan-like drum roll, while chanting the sound, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Stop suddenly and within seconds you’ll feel a discernable fizzing and bubbling sensation as the joyful chi of the thymus is stirred into activity. Ten to twenty minutes later, if you remain mindful, you’ll notice your mood become decidedly lighter and your outlook markedly brighter.

The more of this brightness and lightness you can bring into the visualisation process, the faster you’ll manifest what you want.

And so yet another virtuous cycle is initiated.

May it bring you more joy today and tonight than you can currently conceive of.

Love, Doc

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