The Benefits Of Navel Spiralling

If you were reading the Weekend Wisdom Drop and Members’ Wisdom Drop and got inspired to engage with the spiral movement intrinsic to all phenomena, the dance of the spirit, in order to spark up your inner vitality and magic flow, and wish to continue developing it, or indeed if you didn’t but fancy picking up on it now in order to make your Monday merry as you wend your way along life’s Great Thoroughfare, try indulging the old Taoist trick of spiralling your navel.

Describing the spiralling motion in words is unnecessary. Simply allow your mind to picture a spiral in motion. Then grab the image and drag it down below your navel and let it start to move you there internally, until you feel your navel spiralling inside by its own accord.

It’s a subtle movement no one else can see but doing it all day and night long, as often as you can remember, will stimulate the flow of chi in your body considerably and make you feel amazingly vital and engaged with world. Your levels of enthusiasm for whatever’s going on for you will increase and it will also improve the tone of your abdominal muscles surprisingly effectively.

And these are just some of the benefits of navel-spiralling.

May it serve you well and you find yourself dancing on air the whole day and night long.

Love, Doc

One Response to “The Benefits Of Navel Spiralling

  • Paul Darbyshire
    4 years ago

    I was starting from lethargy and tiredness when I began this excercise .It got me going and cruising really quickly and by the end of the day I was still full of energy..definately a keeper ,thanks Paul D.

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