The Art Of The Master

How do you manage to remain centred, poised, calm in order to retain and grow your personal power when the world around you is pulling your attention this way and that with vehemence?

The Taoist way is to focus internally rather than externally, assuming the external to be merely an extremely cleverly constructed reflection of the state of your own inner psyche, based on the fundamental metaphysical law, as above, so below (as you see it, is how it will keep on showing up to you, so if you want to change it, see it differently).

Holding fast to the centre in the midst of conditions, a prerequisite for mastery of the material plane, according to those old Taoists of yore, implies being vigilant in observing and noting whenever you’re being pulled by externals, being sensitive to the feelings arising in your belly and being willing to keep letting them go, letting them pass, by use of mindful breathing (slow, low-down, deep, smooth, silken, luxurious breaths in and out no matter what you’re doing, other than when swimming underwater without apparatus or passing through regions where foul-smelling, toxic gases are present), being willing to return moment-by-moment to the relaxed state.

There is no such thing as remaining centred all the time even for those who spend all the time meditating. It is the nature of mind to be pulled externally. The art of the master is to keep returning to centre.

One quick method is to focus the mind just below the navel and visualise all the energy in the universe rushing towards that point from every direction. And keep seeing it, visualising the point lighting up brighter than the midday sun bang in the midst of conditions – in the midst of your universe, shining like a concentrated nugget of condensed power.

The more often you can see this, the more powerfully centred you’ll grow – keep doing it all day long and you’ll be thrilled with result or I’ll eat at least one of my shoes.

Have a thrilling day and night.

Love, Doc

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