What occurs to me and which is something I’ve been exploring for a while obviously firstly in myself as that’s where all my experiments with reality occur, and subsequently with people I’ve helped or am helping or teaching or whatever, is that how at a fundamental level we default to assuming we’re wrong – wrong in our life-stratagem, our reality-description, our style and our very beings, and we then seek and are actively encouraged to redeem ourselves either through the primitive hocus locus of religion or these days more through the marketing machinery that sells us products most of which are geared towards bolstering our sense of self-esteem for a moment or two. Why we have this innate tendency I don’t know – whether culturally conditioned or an aspect of the primal herd-bonding instinct – but it’s prevalent and ubiquitous, whether among the super-rich or poor, no one feels good enough (not that they’d necessarily admit it (to selves or others).

But what if we start assuming that despite how different we feel, despite how messy things have got from time to time, despite not being perfect, that our fundamental approach is right (for us), that we’re fundamentally right and hence that whatever happens is fundamentally right.

It’s not an instant revelation then everything changes for good, but a slow, subtle, gradual, yet exponential growing into an awareness that maybe it’s true, maybe we really are right/alright as we are. The magic bit is that by assuming this to be the case we seem to start operating in a far more sorted and effective way thus justifying the belief. Life after all is but a mirror to what we believe it to be.

And when you consider your fantasy of whatever it is you desire it’s only a series of moments you’re seeing – moments of delight, comfort, connection, luxury or whatever – but alas when played out, there will inevitably the opposite too – the awful loneliness of disconnection, of pain, of emptiness and of feeling ill at ease – this is the light and shade or yin and yang of it. Hence to be grateful for exactly how everything is right now with its own yin and yang and trust that whatever the soul requires for its healthy development during this lifetime will be awarded you without effort or strain.

This is how I manage myself so am sharing it with you. May it be of service to your cause. Tantalizing Tuesday. CHI!

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