Talking with angels

Angels – who are they? How come we believe in them, when no one’s ever seen one, other than in visions of archetypes – how come belief in them has endured through the centuries in spite of even the crass materialism of the last century?

Possibly because angels exist.

Possibly because we’re all crazy romantics

Probably both.

Yet, as I’m sure you’ve spotted, if ever you ask them to do you one favor or another (request some sort of unlikely quantum shift of external conditions), they invariably come through.

And whether angels are merely a thoughtform, a device the local mind uses in order to get in touch with itself at the deepest level, or whether angels exist in their own right, doesn’t really matter, unless you’re an angel-boffin investing in finding proof for reasons of your own.

Angels are common in one form or another to all ancient spiritual traditions, so if belief in them is delusional, it’s a global delusion, which doesn’t do anything to attenuate the level of delusion if it is one but as I say, it doesn’t matter anyway. Talking with angels works.

Pragmatic existentialism.

Indeed I based the entirety of my TWISTED FABLES FOR TWISTED MINDS novella on that very premise, so I put my money where mouth was in this respect.

And why I mention it this fine first Monday of March 2012, as the world goes through its habitual madnesses and life goes on with its usual abnormal normality, is because if you find yourself facing what looks like insurmountable odds in the present phase of your life-story, allow your mind and body to relax a little more, breathe a bit lower and slower, stop making tension-waves in the atmosphere and put out a call – calling all angels.

Then wait till you discern or even just imagine you discern a presence around you of something slightly other and as soon as you do, explain your situation and ask for the specific help you need. Then wait a little more until you discern or imagine you discern, the angel or angels talking back to you or gesturing in some way to confirm receipt and acceptance of your request. Next, say thanks in advance, not that you need to mind your manners around angels – we can assume they’re beyond such frivolities – and carry on as you were in full expectation of something wonderful happening in time to make your life go where it needs to next in order for you to attain to your perfect happiness.

For no matter the negative stories you tell yourself about it, life, the Tao only wants your perfect happiness and always welcomes you joining in on the process of making that a reality as swiftly as possible.

Reason being, that as soon as only one person can attain to and sustain perfect happiness, its force will spread like a powerful wind across the face of the waters and all comers will be blessed by finding their own perfect happiness instantaneously. And when finally all sentient beings have found their perfect happiness, the Tao, who till now has been playing hide and seek with itself by getting inside each of us and pretending it’s not there anymore, will stop playing that game and the whole universe will stop and breathe a sigh of relief.

How does that resonate with you?

May you have a day and night of witnessing a veritable stream of angel-assisted miracles.

Love, Steph the Doc

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