Take Life Easy

Take life easy doesn’t mean be a lazy bastard, it means choose the easy-mode option as you do what you have to do. It means fulfil all your obligations with excellence, being fully responsible and responsive as things arise to be taken care of, throwing your all into everything you do, bringing the totality of yourself to bear on every moment and every situation but doing so, having chosen the easy option, as opposed to the struggling-and-straining option, thus completing all tasks easily, without struggling or straining. So when confronted by a difficult challenge such as a huge workload, you tell yourself, “I choose to complete this challenge easily, effortlessly, enjoyably, excellently, swiftly and miraculously,” and if you tell yourself that with enough sincerity to believe it, that’s precisely the result you’ll get, because you’ll have agreed with yourself not to waste energy struggling with it or resisting it in any way.

The mechanism that enables this, once the choice has been made, is the breathing, specifically in slowing it down and being mindful of its ingress and egress, along with being mindful of relaxing your muscles and sinews and keeping your spine elongated so your head is held high and your vision bright as a result, while you set about doing whatever it is you have to do.

And it always works.

Say it a few times: I choose to take life easy – the easier I take it, the more I accomplish now.

And see for yourself how that alters for the better the way both you and reality perform.

May you and reality perform for each other in optimum mode today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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