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  • The beginners healing session was amazing . I have listened to the replays several times and I can so easily relate to the step by step deep healing session. Just hope that the super healing training gives me enough tools and coaching to become a healer and energy transformer . I am really excited to learn more techniques in healing .
    Thank you Carl for introducing the Barefoot dr to the world . This transformation is so important to humanity .

  • Dear BD,
    This is my very first experience with super healing. I have melanoma and very positive about this healing program. You sound amazing and I am a very positive person and believe that this will be a successful program for me. Thank you for your presentation and discussion. I look forward to working with your program.

  • I’m looking forward to this course!
    It will help heal me, and everyone who’s around me.
    Thank you for sharing this ancient craft.


  • I haven’t started the course yet but just listening to the Barefoot Doctor in the Big Life Interview with Carl had just such a healing presence. I felt it deep inside. I felt joy and connected to the Tao. I have listened to a lot of teachers but this is the very first time that it really resonated with me and I like the unpretentiousness of it all. Thank you too,Carl, for sharing with us and making it possible for us to benefit from the BD and his years of wisdom. I love your energy. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • Just lost all my comment…..but decided it is worth attempting to say it again. Gigongo given me a vision of what is possible.
    using it as daily base will expand to strongest foundation of health and healing with this course. (that is my thought) Then,as I get stronger I will flow with Tao more easily into fulfilling my potential with my creative talents in writing and artwork and being a healing presence for the world around me.
    THANK YOU dear BD for all these wonderful treasures you have created to speed us on our joyful and exciting way.
    ( just realized that just writing this again has taught me something. it was a chance to do it better – not sure if that is what I have done, but it has created this thought ‘not to be frustrated by things but to see all as an opportunity to create something better’. Perhaps that is what my body has been trying to do through my experience of poor health in my life; expanding and expanding me. WOW, this is turning into more than a ‘comment’! But ISN’T LIFE WONDERFUL. INSIDE I AM DANCING WITH JOY!

  • Mark Gilmore
    3 years ago


    I got a link from John from F##kit for your superhealing course and I just paid for it there through paypal but I didnt get any email back from you about membership details. Just wondering what the story is?



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