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Take a Superhealing Soundbath to cleanse your field, from the deepest level out to the surface, of all energetic detritus and facilitate a fresh flow of chi to all corresponding parts.

There are three specially produced (for you by Barefoot) Superhealing Soundbaths – each a ten minute subliminal frequency piece designed to be used individually as you need it or in an optimal sequence for overall wellbeing and balance.

How it works is – as per the Superhealing training, there are three so-called psychic chambers comprising the anatomical structure of the profound ancestral aspect of self upon whose state of balance depends the health of the physical environmentally referenced aspect of self. Each soundbath works on a specific chamber – think of them as different flavors of bubble baths for the soul.

The combination, flow and inflection of the frequencies used is extremely powerful.

For a fast-acting and potent healing effect, listen at maximum level through proper sturdy headphones (up to three listens in a 24 hour period only to avoid over-stimulation), or have them on at a low level on repeat through any room-based system to produce a constant soft sonic carpet – recommended all the time.

Optimal sequence for overall wellbeing and balance is AMBER>ROSE-GOLD>VIOLET, or choose the one appertaining to whichever chamber feels obviously in need of it.

Effects will show within 24 hours.




Usually $12 each – special offer

Bathe in all three soundbaths for just



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