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Try these three exercises &
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These are three free audio-based exercises, each with healing soundbath, using acupressure and specific mindfulness method to reposition you optimally inside your body and activate a potent fresh flow of chi (energy) by cleansing, rebalancing, and reinvigorating your three ‘psychic chambers’ or energy centers, the sphere of the lower belly, the sphere of the heart, and the sphere of the brain, which between them command all physical and psycho-emotional systems and functions.

The three form a triptych, which if adopted as part of a daily practice will provide a regular healing sequence with quite radical effect. Expect results within 24 hours. Consistent daily practice produces exponential results.

These SUPERHEALING exercises derive from the most powerful universal and comprehensive healing system there is, developed and bequeathed us by the Taoists of ancient China.

Exercise 1 – Breathing & Self-Acceptance

meditation-breathing-cycle 2Trains you both to breathe optimally and to fully accept how and where you are, the first two requisites for any healing process to occur.

Click the arrow on the player to load and play the exercise. The audio is about 24 minutes long, so the file is large and may take a short while to load. Listen and follow along with the exercise. Then leave a comment to let me know how you got on.

May it serve you well, BD


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Exercise 2 – Loving The Pain

cosmic kidsTrains you to actually love how and where you are, as this dispels pains, symptoms and conditions more powerfully than any other medical modality.


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Exercise 3 – Mobilising Healing Energy With Intention

third_eye_spaceTrains you to clarify, focus and project intentionality, as intention is the force that mobilizes the chi, which in turn heals anything in its path.


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If you loved the exercises I’ve shared GO HERE FOR FULL DETAILS OF SUPERHEALING TRAINING – ONLINE, or click the audio below – I’ll explain how it developed, why it’s different to other healing trainings, what you’ll learn and how you can use it.



Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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  • Margarita Steinberg
    3 years ago

    Hi BD 🙂
    I’ve been shy of “speaking up”, but reading all these people’s voices is encouraging me.
    All three exercises given here struck an immediate chord with me, and I’m happy to say the Superhealing training is also.
    Loving the pain seems to be in particularly active use in my house at the moment, as loving my son’s teenage angst and helping him allow himself to feel loved is such a daily recurrent task. Somehow the flush-blue light got in on the action, with very happy results.
    MM x

  • Enthusiasm and enthusiastic derive from the Greek
    (as I am sure you already know.)
    Entheos..meaning the god within
    and you are teaching that.
    and of course..healing ?..Your self.
    which is ?
    all of “us”
    which seems to be what we have “forgotten”
    that i am and we are…
    and…This IS It..
    Getting “back” inside and…
    there is no disease…only dis ease.
    Your life work Stephen.
    well done.
    when is the complete autobiography coming about ??

  • Hare Krishna. You are a great hero.

  • Just couldn’t understand the first healing instructions about where EXACTLY to put my fingers under my ribs. I couldn’t even get them actually under my ribs wherever I tried. Then didn’t understand where to rub the ulna bone in next piece.
    Very confusing and frustrating even after replaying several times.
    Really need some visuals here to help ‘thickos’ like me out!

  • Lorraine
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the gift of these wonderful healing audios, I have been listening a couple of times a day for 2 days now and experiencing subtle change.Seriously looking into doing the Super Healing training.

  • Sieglinde Dewald
    3 years ago

    They sent me flying, many thanks – looking forward to the full training 🙂

  • I wonder how a session is like? Do I need to do it at a certain time, or can I listen to it whenever I have time(or both)? I would love to attend the entire course, but with a full time job and two small children it’s sometimes hard to be in some place at a certain time… please advice.

    • Steph, BD
      3 years ago

      Hello Anita – its Sue from Barefoot Doctor Crew here on behalf of BD. Each of the sessions is an hour long audio. We’ll release one audio each week for you to listen to at your leisure whenever it is convenient for you – so it’s perfect as you don’t need to be anywhere at a set time to take part – you can simply listen whenever you have an hour to do so. Then there’s some simple exercises to practice through the week. Hope that’s helpful but if you have any other questions please do ask. Thanks. Sue, Barefoot Doctor Crew

      • Dear Sue, many thanks, I’m in! I only received the WorldPay Card transaction confirmation though… There was no e-mail with my membership information yet. Could you please check, and write me an e-mail? I also wonder how the “receiving the healing from BD” works if I do not have to be at a certain place at a certain time… but probably I do not need to understand everything yet. I am open to surprises 🙂

        • Steph, BD
          3 years ago

          Fundamentally what you’re learning here Anita is psychic healing – not just random freestyle make it up as you go along so-called intuitive healing – far from it, this is the most evolved, systemized, refined, precise, directed method I’ve ever encountered. Obviously I’m biased as I’ve devoted myself to, and invested most of my life in, it. But I have fairly extensively investigated most of the well-known healing systems extant. And at the very least I can say I’m confident you couldn’t get better, in terms of learning to be the healer (of self and others) from the deepest level.
          Now we operate at many levels simultaneously but for the purposes of healing we can validly chunk it down to two levels: the relatively superficial level of self, which is referenced to the environment, comprising the body, its structure, the skeleton, the bone marrow, the meat (the muscle and connective tissue), the fluid and the vessels that carry it, the brain and nervous system, the skin, and of course the vital organs and bowels. And then you have that aspect of consciousness referenced to whatever you perceive is happening to this phenomenon of the body, which describes what it’s perceiving in such or such a way (mistaking these descriptions for reality itself), and then produces emotions in the belly and chest to match, complement and vindicate the story (which is enacted in the prefrontal lobes). This aspect of self believes itself autonomous, albeit subject to the laws of the land and so on. It experiences varying degrees of tension and release, and if the tension overcomes the release for long enough, a condition is generated and symptoms arise.
          Then there’s the other level – I call it the ancestral self, implying that timeless aspect beyind the round of birth and death, who sits bearing witness to life unfolding from the very core of you You might call it your soul. The ancient Greek for soul was psyche, hence where we get the word psychic. So when I say what we’re learning is psychic healing, I mean soul medicine. This is explained in full depth in the training of course but for now suffice it to say that by inducing someone (or yourself) to reclaim this ancestral self, the very act of reclamation constitutes the healing (which deriving from Old German, means literally restoring yourself to your former state of wholeness). Once restored to this more profound perspective it’s instantaneously blatantly clear that the environmental self is actually illusory, because the Tao, the All-That-Is, or whatever you wish to call it, is actually all that is, and all the apparent fragmentation that would faciliate autonomous entities outside of that, are an illusion. Hence all disease is also illusory. Even just a glimpse of this and a stream of fresh chi (the universe-generating energy produced by the Tao spinning itself into motion) the healing process is irrevocably instigated.
          There’s much more to it than that – again explained fully in the training – but by learning to enter that space and then direct via intention the healing chi, you’re able to psychically heal anyone you direct your focus on. Especially if while doing so they are also consciously focused on exploring the very schema upon which the healing method is based.
          So picture yourself in the intimate auditory space of you and I and many others engaged in such an exploration, yet with my intention all the while being to transmit healing direct from soul to soul. And that’s how you get healed while you’re learning how to heal at the same time.

          • Dear BD, thank you. I really apprechiate your extensive answer to my question. I can’t wait to listen to the first session. I feel I am somehow in need of some soul medicine 🙂 I still have not received the e-mail with my membership information though, only the world pay transaction confirmation. I do not want to bother you with that, for sure you have way more important things to do… but could you please ask Sue or any other team member to re-send this information?

  • Clea Holdridge
    3 years ago

    I am benefiting so much from these audios, I feel so good and happy that it is available and offered with sincerity and so much respect. Thank you so much and my intention is to attend the entire course and learn what it is possible from such high teachings. I know, it is serving and it will serve many more people who are eager to receive this. Thank you, Clea

  • Just finished the second exercise full of optimism.
    Feeling the energies flowing this is great and the timing
    is just spot on, thank you BD

  • Siobhan
    3 years ago

    Thanks Doc.
    Reminds me of the ole days in the Sunday Independent. Lovin it! X

  • Ahhhh, great! Thank you for some more gems of wisdom and “magic”. This stuff you´re sharing from your heart, Stephen, is really wonderful, offering a profound, yet practicable way of healing ourselves, and staying clear, centered and caring, as a part of the crazy human family. And it´s fun (did I jump up that mountain!). I´ve been lucky to have come across the ancient daoist arts in my life about 25 years ago and have been learning, experiencing and teaching a fair bit (so I imagine I have some idea about the whole idea). I think you really are doing the right thing at the right time. May it serve many many people. Thank you.

  • Wonderful! Daily does it-feel in a different place. Thank you again soooooooo much BD for everything. Rosie.

  • How is it possible that your work keeps getting better?! (As much as I don’t like evaluations:)). Thank you so much for this generous and powerful offering. Tara

  • Brilliant BD, so calming, relaxing and inspiring as always.
    Love and blessings. Rosiexx

  • Just finished all three exercises. They are remarkably healing, and wonderfully presented. So appreciate your ever growing and spiraling expansion, and even more the chance to share the ride with you time to time.

  • I did all three exercises in a sequence and feel now very relaxed, very open (especially my heart area) and very energized. This is powerful. Can’t wait for the training to start. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • catrina
    3 years ago

    Thank you, deeply, thank you. So very interesting to me that as soon as I started to listen to the first exercise, lots of “things” happened around me! My phone rang with a recorded “sales” call, a neighbour started to use a drill, kids were shouting outside my home! Hillarious goings on in a normally very quiet neighbourhood! Was it a distraction test or just an outer manifestation of how “noisy” I have been internally! ?! Just feeling warm and calm and amused and curious! Thank you deeply, sincere honour bow. Namaste. Xx♥♥xx

  • David Orman
    3 years ago

    As always, first class information! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  • oh; I love that!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou …THANk YOOUUU, it’s so revitalizing : )

  • Remarkable first exercise! Found I’d opened up spiritually, and people came and talked to me and smiled at me. Even forgot my unbred rigidity and joined in a dance at one stage. Amazing stuff.

  • Paul Darbyshire
    3 years ago

    I really felt the clearing and opening,lovely ,soothing and awakening.I am really looking forward to the course .
    Thanks Paul.

  • Thank you so much. I have missed the weekly satsangs which I may be addicted to and have only just opened this e mail. I found myself moving to the sounds and breathing in time to the beat and when the sun came out as usual the tears flowed. Thank you.

  • It’s wonderful to listen and get that I am still resisting the Tao. The exercise helped me opening more in that special subtle way. My body feels different now, relaxed and full of this love for simply being here. A pain in my hip responded to loving it immediately. Thank you so much, dear Stephen, for sharing these tools.

  • Thankyou for the exercises Stephen….great reminder and as always very inspirational

  • This is good,I enjoyed the visualization of the Sun so bright and luminous going through every cell of body,mind and consciousness,so beautiful and joyful, total acceptance, love of Life. Thank you so much, Clea

  • Yolande Labrecque
    3 years ago

    Beautiful exercise! A sensation of warmth and energy is emerging… to do very often.
    Thank You very much.

    It came at the right time!

  • Paul Darbyshire
    3 years ago

    Hi Doc,I am really loving doing these,getting inside my body ,hands on as it were.It sends me also,bit like a satsang.Thanks a million,Paul.☺

  • Liam R.
    3 years ago

    Thank you deeply, Barefoot. After 8 days of severe backpain, this couldn’t be more timely!

  • Suzanne
    3 years ago

    I had forgotton how subtle and powerful these little gems of yours are. Thankyou x

  • trippynotes
    3 years ago

    love to listen to you as always. found the exercise at first uncomfortable and slightly scary (but hey, most interesting things are slightly scary at first) and then very effective. love to feel this part of my body relax. and would totally like to celebrate with a sip of laphroaig now;)

  • Jill Humphries
    3 years ago

    Thanks Stephen – I had a lovely long nap straight after doing this exercise and am breathing slowly now and feeling wonderfully relaxed. Nice.

  • Clea Holdridge
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much,very enjoyable exercise, I feel relaxed and breathing slower and deeper and want to continue doing it every day. Very different and effective as well as soothing to listen to. Thank you, Clea

  • christine
    3 years ago

    Thank you, very helpful. I did the exercise and helped with creating a sense of calm.

  • I really enjoyed this healing exercie. The rhythm of the music also played a big part for me. Particularly the visualization part were you see yourself as a strong healthy being, walking briskly to the beat with renewed energy and vigour.

    Many thanks Stephen

  • Vicente
    3 years ago

    Thank you! Really enjoyed the exercise! I feel very relaxed and in peace.

  • Sorry for the negative opinion but the podcast is way too long .I got bored with it A sharper more concise exercise would have suited me much better

  • Kathleen
    3 years ago

    I had to come back and post again. A few hours after I did this exercise and bathed an excruciatingly painful shoulder muscle with brilliant light, I noticed that the pain was almost gone. I did the exercise again the next day and once again I have not needed to use any pain medication at all. I’m going to keep doing this exercise!

  • miemie bosman
    3 years ago

    Thank you Stephen, loved it and mostly your calm voice, bit confused on what to do on the back (just winged it). Regards from South Africa

    • Steph, BD
      3 years ago

      hey Miemie, was thinking of you and our amazing workshop in Buffalo Bay just the other day – my love to you all – stick your hands behind you and with the tops of the wrists with hands bent in (the end of the bones of the arm, not the hand) use the bone to knead the points where the wrists naturally find themselves when you put them behind you like that – you get me, girl? 🙂

  • Gabrielle Hamilton
    3 years ago

    Thank you .. really appreciate the audio .. I get distracted by visuals. I do wonder though if I have my hands in the right place – am I doing it right? So I would love a few drawings to reassure me. Love your new word – Buddha-ized Looking forward to tomorrow – Thanks masses

    • Steph, BD
      3 years ago

      Hi Gabrielle, see above at my response to Miemie – I agree – I love audio as a medium – so much more powerful yet as you point out no so hot on the visual diagram facilities – we will have all that sorted for the actual training though. And my utmost pleasure – it’s wonderful to see you (individually and everyone) enjoying and benefiting

  • I love this! I would love to have a link to the 5 elements exercises you did a few years back. I listened to that I think 100 times. I could use it again…but can’t find it on my i-pod.

  • Cathy Turbinskyj
    3 years ago

    Thank you dearest Dr.Barefoot, tears of tenderness and gratitude xxx

    • Cathy Turbinskyj
      3 years ago

      Aaah, that’s better, big smile from within! Thank you Dr. Barefoot for all the warmth’n’wisdom you send us xxxx

  • Amazing, thank you so much; exactly perfect! (EXACTLY,- as relaxing the solar plexus was a meditative focus earlier today) Very beautiful to do as well, I loved the sun. Thanks again

  • Teresia
    3 years ago

    Wow that was amazing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt such a strong connection with my body. The music did it for me. Looking forward to the training. Thank you angel.xxx

  • Thank you for sharing this amazing exercise. You are the ultimate teacher.

  • Sandy Mauck
    3 years ago

    Lovely and very helpful as always. I’m healing much this year, so this was a good way to begin. Thank you.

  • Nicholas walton
    3 years ago

    I Am currently having treatment for cancer,and its not very nice this helped enormously

  • Yesterday my BP was high due to stress . I said to my friend I am holding my breath without realizing it .This am opened my E-mail box to find this gem .Many thanks to you for this advice

  • Pnina C Gagnon
    3 years ago

    I love the exercise – it is orchestrated, your ideas and the beat in the background which made me react to it even though you recommended to stand still. The weird thing for me was the steady quiet sound that reminded me of the left over sound after the siren alarms, even on Memorial Days. I was happy to hear this perpetual sound now as a healing and a reminder to breath and break this sound.

  • Corina Vanana Valcan
    3 years ago

    Thank you very much also for your mails and wish you more health and happiness. For the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. For me it`s more necessary when I have maybe problems in my epilepsy but consider it`s better to have some other similar persons around in order to collaborate for something important as not all persons are maybe 100% in the same declarations.

  • Thankyou deeply x

  • Really fantastic! I shed some tears – in a good way, and was smiling at the luxury of the breath, love that shift! Bless you BD 🙂

  • When I opened up my chest, I felt the sensation of wanting to laugh, so I did and I lightened up immediately from there!….all the dread and seriousness of my mood prior could not live in this moment. Thank you for this unique and powerful tool. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Please, yes do make clearer the instructions…. in back. Thank you from the very middle of me:)

  • Peter Ziminsky
    3 years ago

    Doc, good to hear your soothing voice lulling me into breath and acceptance and healing on a cellular level. I loved hearing that the Buddah did no thing, he just “Budarized”!!! What a kick. Onward, to all our rude health!

  • Marina Duskov
    3 years ago

    I am missing visual picture to see where pressing points are. Did intuitively, what I thought was correct. Still going through very useful.Thank you!

    Kindest regards
    Marina Duskov

  • Brilliant, as always, Stephen.
    I, like Elisabeth, had trouble to find the points in the back, but felt it was working somehow. Feeling very relaxed and joyfull now, this stuff is amazing, thank you so much 🙂

  • Elisabeth
    3 years ago

    Good stuff, as always.
    One small thing: I got clearly what to do in front, but did not understand what was the exercise in the back – just fudged sth. Maybe you could help us more there, to know where to press how?

    Be well, dear BD!

  • Kathleen
    3 years ago

    Wow wow wow. Thank you for the consistent reminders to keep breathing! I did not realize how often I was holding my breath. Thank you for this exercise.

  • L!sa Gentle
    3 years ago

    Works brilliantly as audio. I listen to a lot of your stuff (sorry, “stuff” doesn’t quite sound right especially as I find all of it resonates so perfectly). What you said about not having to concern ourselves with reasoning any aspect of the visualisation will prove very useful I think for all us rinky dinky thingy beings. Thank you x

  • Anthony
    3 years ago

    Thank you very much your exercise was wonderful.

  • Dolores Reachi
    3 years ago

    Right away after doing the exercise, I had a good feeling all over, a couple of hours later it seems as if a fog had lifted from my brain abd body, Im able to “think better”and “do things..”thanks keep up your exercises PLEASE !!!

  • Just Wonderful! Thank you so very much Steph, you just seem to have your hand on the pulse of what’s going on for everyone – but why should I be surprised, you are a Taoist Master. Just love these offerings from yourself, made all the more delicious by the fluidity of the poetry accompanying them. Very wonderful this last exercise on so many counts, thank the Tao for B.D. is all I can say. So very much appreciated, it ticks all the boxes! Great start to the New Year. Thank you. Sending love. Marie

  • Wonderful as always. Informative & inspiring. Thank you Stephen. You have an uncanny ability to tune in & resonate with what’s going on for me, as has been the way for many years. Bless you dear man!

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